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Southern Bride is a wedding planning support site offering practical and down to earth advice for NZ couples. As well as a blog and Facebook group, there’s a year-long wedding planning course.

Have a look around, join the community, and get some advice.  We’re excited to have you!

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Tips for stress-free wedding planning – from real brides

With the launch of the Little White Wedding Planning Bundle, a set of wedding planning…

destination wedding insurance cover

Destination Wedding Insurance

Destination weddings have a reputation for being a little more relaxed and easy-going than a local wedding day.…

sample wedding budget planner

My Wedding Budget – Real-life figures, my actual spend + wedding budget planner

I regularly ask my Southern Bride Community – “what’s the biggest challenge you’re facing in your…


Wedding Regrets: confessions from brides on the bits that weren’t perfect

You might have it in your head that wedding planning is clouds of tulle, cake…


Is your wedding venue reliable? Every bride’s worst nightmare

A couple of weeks ago, I came across the story of The Winery at Elk…

wedding day insurance

Wedding day Insurance

Insurance is often put in the too-hard basket. Let’s be honest, when you’re planning your…

wedding planning to do list - first steps

Wedding Planning Checklist: First Steps

Today I want to share a to do list that cover the first steps you need…

example wedding budget template square

How much did you spend on your wedding?

It’s a question that’s as taboo as “how much was your engagement ring”… “How much did…


Finally: Wedding Planner Book & Templates that are super-useful & relevant!

The primary goal of Southern Bride is to provide super-useful, practical wedding planning advice. I…

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Who is Southern Bride?

Who is Southern Bride Profile PictureI’m Amanda, your fairy god-sister. I’m the main lady behind this (more info here) but I’m not doing this alone.  Two heads are better than one, so I have pulled together some awesome wedding professionals to help with their advice and opinions on tough stuff – this team is called Southern Bride Verified. As well as contributing content, and being on hand to answer the tough questions, they’re awesome people to hire for your big day. Southern Bride Verified is your #squadgoals for your wedding day dream team.

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The Southern Bride Community is a supportive group for brides getting married in the New Zealand. Your wedding woes, drama and wins are our cup of tea. Come share what’s going on, get practical solutions, support… and a listening ear or two (or 530 at last count…).

The advice you get from us is honest and practical, and also takes into account what’s the “done” thing: i.e. the applicable etiquette.  We’ve got your back! If you’re ready to join (and it’s free, so why not) then pop your details below. You’ll also receive a wedding planning to-do checklist that you can download. It’ll help you get through wedding planning overwhelm into that cool, calm, collected bride you want to be.

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