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shot gun shell buttonholes

Wedding themes for a rustic country style wedding

Pinning down a theme for your wedding makes a lot of sense. The wedding theme…

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Insuring your engagement ring and covering your wedding planning

I had a coffee with my friend the other day, and she shared that one of the…

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Hurry up and propose: the pre-engaged wedding planners

You’ve been with your partner for what seems like an age. And despite persistent suggestions…

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Wedding dress shopping tips

You know when you meet someone for the first time, and it’s like you’ve known…

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Planning your wedding on a budget – some DIY tips!

Today’s post comes courtesy of one of the Southern Bride Community – Jess Free. Jess…


Rain on your wedding day – wet weather planning

With living in the deep South, it would be remiss of me to skip discussing wet…

IMG_3500 smaller

Win $50 towards your wedding stationery!

Happy Friday lovely people! I have a treat for you today… how would you like…

bridesmaid contract agreement

Bridesmaid Contracts – a step too far?

I have advocated multiple times about the importance of setting expectations with your bridesmaids. Skirting the issue…

having dog as a ringbearer - how to

Pets at your wedding: could you have your fur-baby as a ringbearer?

For us animal lovers, incorporating our beloved cat, dog or even horse into your wedding…

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Who is Southern Bride Profile PictureI’m Amanda, your fairy god-sister. I’m the main lady behind this (more info here) but I’m not doing this alone.  Two heads are better than one, so I have pulled together some awesome wedding professionals to help with their advice and opinions on tough stuff – this team is called Southern Bride Verified. As well as contributing content, and being on hand to answer the tough questions, they’re awesome people to hire for your big day. Southern Bride Verified is your #squadgoals for your wedding day dream team.

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