DIY Date Jar

DIY Date Jar Instructions

A Date Jar is your solution to crappy date nights

Are you sick of the same movie-dinner-drinks routine with your partner? Or you debate what to do for so long that it’s too late to go out? I am pretty sure 80% of the fights I have with my husband centre around where we should go to eat (mostly because I don’t cope well with hunger… I get “hangry!”)

I’ve just made a date jar to try solve the debate (thanks to my lovely bride and friend Jane who suggested it!). I thought it was such a good idea that I wanted to share with you too. Watch how I did it in less than 30 seconds below (boy I’m quick ;)!)

The creation of the date jar could be a date in itself (as long as your partner doesn’t write “fishing” on every single one as mine suggested). You could also create one as a fun gift idea for your fiancé (or even a great DIY engagement present for friends).

Get a jar and popsicle sticks – the Ball ones are a good size for the sticks – and decorate the jar how you’d like. Then write different date ideas on the popsicle sticks till the jar is full.

A date jar for your wedding reception

A fun idea to get some different dates is to pop out a date jar at your wedding reception. Ask your wedding guests to pop their best date ideas in the jar. It’s a simple set up – see the photo below.

date jar at wedding reception

Date ideas to pop into your date jar

Have a picnic
Movie night at home
Card games
Board games
Cook a meal together
Do a puzzle together
Give each other a massage
Bake dessert together
Movie marathon
Make a time capsule and bury it
Paint portraits of each other
Go fishing
Feed the ducks
Go for a bush walk
Go for a bike ride
Do a scavenger hunt
Go for a drive in the car
Go hunting
Go for icecream
Drive thru dinner (different drive through for each course)
Go to an activity in town
Go out for coffee
Go miniature golfing
Go out for a nice meal
Go for a cocktail
She Said Yes has a heap of date ideas too

Do you have any date suggestions to add to this list (and for me and the hubby to steal?). Please share in the comments <3

DIY Date Jar Ideas

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