Wedding Budget Template & Planner


Your wedding budget is likely to be the single most common cause of stress when wedding planning, but it doesn’t need to be.

Let your money worries melt away (or at least, soften!) and take care of your wedding budget with ease with this incredible Excel wedding budget template and planner.

This budget template allows you to make (and stick to!) a wedding budget, big or small. Helpful built-in formulas portion out your estimated budget so you can see where you are overspending.

On purchase, you will receive a link to download this file in Excel format (.xlsx). The wedding budget planner is also part of the little white planning pack bundle.

See below for How to Use


This wedding budget template is supplied as a Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).  Here’s how to use your template:

  • Insert the amount you have to spend on your wedding in the indicated field.
  • The bold & italic figures throughout the document will update to give you an indication on what you should budget for each aspect of your wedding.
  • You then include estimates for number of wedding guests and costs in the applicable grey fields.
  • When you begin receiving quotes and making payments, enter the figures into the applicable cells under the headings actual and deposit. The spreadsheet will calculate the balance and you can indicate the due date in the due column.

We’ve even included estimated break-down for a $30,000 wedding (commonly spent in NZ)


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