“What questions should I be asking when looking for a wedding venue?”

questions to ask wedding venues nz

Finding a wedding venue is one of the first things that you need to do when planning your wedding. The wedding ceremony site and reception venue is the foundation for your wedding celebrations, so it’s important to pick a site that fits you, your budget and the day you have dreamed of.

Of course going with a reputable venue is important – reliability is huge – so be sure to pick from a Southern Bride Verified Venue or Southern Bride Venue Guide for a list of the 10 top wedding venues in the South Island (plus 150+ other venues). These venues were voted on by the public so you can be assured that the venues know what they are doing!

Below is a big list of the things you should be asking your wedding venue (and yourself) before making any decisions about where to hold your wedding.

Print a checklist of venue questions

Grab the list of 40+ questions in an easy to print checklist format, to complete when looking for a wedding venue

For a really comprehensive list, get yourself the Little White Wedding Planning Pack. It’s got detailed worksheets for picking all your key wedding vendors, especially your wedding venues.

Questions for the wedding venue – Applicable for ceremony & reception venues

  • Location in relation to bulk of guests – i.e. consider the further away you hold your wedding the less guests will be able to attend. Decide if you want a local wedding with everyone there vs a destination wedding with very few guests
  • Is there a range of accommodation options nearby (If far away from many guests)
  • How will your guests get to and from the venue(s)
  • Have family or close friends been married there? You may want to avoid
  • Proximity to concert venues, A & P Showgrounds etc – check wedding date with events going on in nearby venues, as they could affect accommodation, travel, noise and availability of hire items
  • What sort of traffic can you expect to get at this venue (Cars or on Foot. I went to a ceremony in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens where members of the public walked past talking loudly, unaware a wedding ceremony was being held literally meters away)
  • Is it available on the day(s) we want to get married
  • If it’s outside – is there a wet weather alternative? (Check out additional considerations you’ll need to make for an outdoor wedding with no wet weather alternative here)
  • How much does it cost to hire the venue
  • How many people can the venue accommodate (check if this includes staff as sometimes the limit the building can hold includes bar staff etc)
  • What hours is that for
  • What are payment terms, i.e. what sort of deposit is required and when is final account settled?
  • What is the cancellation policy
  • Does this cost include or exclude GST
  • Are there reduced rates for winter or weekdays
  • What is the parking like for my guests
  • Is it wheelchair accessible
  • Is it aesthetically pleasing, or will we need to decorate to jazz it up
  • If decorating – what will this cost us if you do it, or if we do it, when can we access the venue to decorate (sometimes only get access the day of the wedding)
  • What staffing/support is on hand for set up? During the wedding? Post-wedding?
  • What items am I likely to have to hire in? Tables, utensils, chairs, or just décor?
  • Who packs up/cleans up afterwards? If you can do it, is this included in the hire price or an additional cost

Questions specific to the ceremony venues

  • Where will the sun be sitting during the ceremony
  • Are we close to nice photo locations
  • Are there suitable spots for family/group photos
  • Does the venue supply a sound system or can they give us any advice on acoustics
  • Is there seating available for family/elderly guests

Questions specific to reception venues

  • Is there space for a band or DJ
  • Are there noise constraints
  • What are guests looking at spending on a taxi from venue to center of town
  • Do they have the brand of beer my fiancé drinks (One venue we looked at didn’t stock Speights! Needless to say, we went elsewhere!)

Questions to ask the reception venue about Food

  • Do they have an on-site caterer/chef or do we need to arrange our own caterer
  • Do they have a kitchen? (If not, you will be limited to the types of food service available, i.e. plated or alternate drop requires a kitchen)
  • Is there a range of menus?
  • Will the menu be able to cater to different dietary needs (vegetarian, celiac)
  • Will we need to inform the caterers in advance of dietary requirements, or can they cope with these requests on the night?

Questions to ask the reception venue about Alcohol

  • Do they allow BYO
  • Are you fully licenced
  • What’s the corkage fee – is it per person, per bottle or a set charge
  • What happens to half drunk bottles of wine, or left overs?
  • Do I need to hire glasses or will venue arrange
  • Do I need to arrange bar staff
  • Do I need to arrange a duty manager (I know of at least one venue who doesn’t supply this)
  • Do they allow BYO toasting wine (some venues will say no to general BYO but will allow toasting wine as it’s usually a more specialised/expensive drop to what they offer)
  • Do you do alcohol packages

This list probably looks overwhelming, and I don’t recommend you sit the wedding venue coordinator down and ask them every single question at once, but definitely download a printable Venue Question sheet (below) and complete it (physically or mentally). It will help you avoid missing any important questions.

Remember, if you are after a really comprehensive list, check out the Little White Wedding Planning Pack. The pack contains detailed worksheets for picking all your key wedding vendors, especially your wedding venues.

full list of questions to ask a potential wedding venue nzquestions to ask a wedding venue printable What questions should I ask at a wedding venue nz

Are there any other questions you’d like to add to this list? Comment below with any questions we’ve missed or handy questions you asked.

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