10 Amazing Wedding Vehicle Ideas

Everyone knows someone with a car better than their own, but when it comes to your dream wedding vehicle ideas, a Holden V8 or Ford Fiesta just don’t seem quite right. Then when you start searching for the perfect wedding car, you find out that in your location there are either seven million choices or that Uncle Tim’s VW is the only one available!

It’s time to think outside the box and check out these 10 brilliant wedding vehicle ideas instead…

Wedding Vehicle Ideas

10 Unique Wedding Vehicle Ideas for Every Themed Wedding

Let’s check out a mixture of outrageously expensive and even free wedding vehicle ideas. Because a girl has got to dream, doesn’t she?

  1. Helicopter – wouldn’t it be amazing to fly in a helicopter to your wedding ceremony? You circle the venue, waving at your guests before it lands nearby. It’s not that expensive either, especially if you only want it for going one way.
  2. Scooter – we’re not in Italy, but scooters can be cool here in NZ too. While it wouldn’t suit a full princess style gown, it would be fun to zip off on one wearing your going away outfit.
  3. Horse & Carriage – pure romance, arriving to your wedding in a horse and carriage would make for fabulous photos and memories. If you are friendly with a farmer or horse owner, it could be free too!
  4. Limo – it’s the traditional wedding car and still a great budget friendly option. As all the bridal party will fit in, you’ll only need to hire one vehicle too.
  5. Tractor – put on the gumboots and you’re ready to arrive in style – on a tractor! It’s becoming a popular choice for couples getting married on the family farm.
  6. Side Car – a motorbike is not a great choice when you are wearing a wedding dress. But attach a side car and you’ve now got some amazing transport to your wedding.
  7. Vintage Car – everyone seems to know someone with a vintage car nowadays. If you don’t, there are vintage car clubs who are happy to drive you in their beautiful cars for a small fee.
  8. Golf Cart – while years ago golf courses were only for old people, nowadays they are becoming quite trendy. If your ceremony or reception is on the local putting green, arriving in a golf cart could most likely be arranged.
  9. Train – okay, so New Zealand does not actually have many trains, unless you live in one of the main centres or next to a main train line. However, if you are getting married close to some train tracks, wouldn’t it be romantic to wave farewell to your guests as you steam off into the distance? But in saying so, there are many recreational steam engine trains in operation throughout the country where you could technically achieve this.
  10. Bus – who said you need to arrive separately? Load up your guests and wedding party onto a bus and arrive together for you wedding.

    Wedding Vehicle Ideas

When it comes to choosing the right wedding vehicle vendor, word of mouth and personal experiences are everything. Ask around, check out online reviews and ask to speak to past clients. You want to make sure you not only have transport which looks great and is affordable, but which is reliable too. Happy motoring – or trotting – or flying!

Wedding Vehicle Ideas

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