10 Popular Wedding Themes to Pick From

There are thousands of websites devoted to popular wedding themes. Then there are what seems like millions of theme ideas to pick from. How do you choose which one is right for your special day?

Being in the wedding industry, we work with a lot of engaged couples. Some have specific ideas about what they want, others are looking for inspiration. In our experience, we’ve found that being presented with lots of options gets confusing.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the 10 most popular wedding themes for you to look through. You may like one, seven or even none of them and that’s okay. By identifying what you like and don’t like, you’re already well on the way to choosing your wedding theme!

10 of New Zealand’s Most Popular Wedding Themes

Weddings are beautiful, regardless of what you wear or the colour of your decorations. With so many options available to brides when it comes to all things wedding related, a theme helps you stick with a general idea. This helps you when picking your colours, tableware, venue and even your dress! We’ve put together a collection of beautiful wedding themes to help you.

  • Garden Wedding if you are a nature lover, enjoy the simple things in life, then a garden themed wedding could be for you. Picture lots of fresh flowers, trees, greenery and having your ceremony outdoors under the sky or in a billowing tent.
  • Beach Wedding – feel the sand between your toes, the scent of the ocean and the sun on your shoulders. A beach wedding is for you if you want a casual and relaxed wedding.
  • Vintage Weddingyour grandmother’s wedding dress is so in vogue right now! Think pastel colours, lace and elegant table decorations for your vintage wedding.
  • Barn Wedding clean out the shearing shed, you’re getting married in it! Perfect if you are a country girl at heart or love being on the farm. Think rustic flowers, lots of wood and fairy lights strung between rafters.
  • Boho Weddinga combination of retro with au natural, a boho themed wedding lets you wear those flowing dresses, flowers in your hair and host your reception outdoors.
  • Fairy Tale Wedding think princess for this one! All glamour, gold and silver, marshmallow wedding dresses and lots of white flowers!
  • Romantic Weddingoften held at night, a romantic wedding makes great use of the colours red and white. Fairy lights and candles are everywhere, as are plenty of flowers!
  • Star Wars Wedding what? Star Wars is awesome and many couples fancy being dressed as Darth Vader and Princess Leia for their wedding! Guests also love dressing up in costume.
  • Colour Themed Wedding – have a favourite colour? Use it as your wedding theme. An all pink, all white or even all red wedding looks beautiful. You could even ask guests to wear something in your theme colour too.
  • Great Gatsbyblack, white and with pops of colour, a Great Gatsby themed wedding is not only fun, but easy to style too. Think art deco style, sparkly metallic accessories and tall centrepieces.

Whether you choose one of these popular wedding themes or another, your wedding will be amazing! Don’t forget to head over and read our articles about choosing your wedding theme and to find out if you need a wedding theme at all. Happy reading.

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