10 wedding dress shopping fears (and how to crush them) from Brides by Donna Rae

A few months ago we talked about when you should go wedding dress shopping and we warned that if you leave it too late, you might have to compromise on the dress you choose. For some, wedding dress shopping is a highlight of their wedding planning – a milestone that you share with your Mum and bridal party.

wedding dress shopping tips

But for others, this is something they procrastinate on… scrolling through hundreds of photos, deliberating on what shade ivory might work, and finding excuse after excuse to put off making an appointment. The pressure to find “the one”, becomes quite daunting. Does that sound familiar?

If it does, you might have one of the 10 wedding dress fears – but don’t fret, Donna from Brides by Donna Rae has seen and conquered them all. Today Donna is going to share the fears she’s encountered from dealing with hundreds of brides. I’ll let Donna share her wisdom in her own words below:

The top 10 wedding dress shopping fears (and how to crush them) – Brides by Donna Rae

For many this is the most exciting part of the wedding planning journey…..but for others, the pressure to find “the one”, becomes quite daunting. So I have made it my mission to eliminate the fear of wedding dress shopping, as I crush the top 10 concerns from my brides!

  1. I think I will look fat

This would be the number one concern we hear from most brides.

Wedding dresses are not like your standard street wear. There are many layers of fabric that form the foundation of the dress. The foundation is designed to give you the best possible silhouette, that will cinch you in, in all the right places. Wedding dresses are extremely flattering no matter what size or shape you are.

  1. What if I don’t find a dress I like?

Brides by Donna Rae has over 200 wedding gowns in all shapes and sizes. From relaxed bohemian to the sparkling princess ball gown.

We are the home to 11 international designers, which is the biggest collection of bridal designers in one space in NZ. This gives us a diverse selection of wedding dresses to pull from, making it super easy for us to find your dream gown.

  1. What if I find a dress out of my budget?

A part of our initial questionnaire is to establish your budget, and if it’s flexible. Once we have a figure to work with, we will only pull dresses in this range, so there is no risk of falling in love with a dress outside your budget.

Having over 200 wedding gowns in our store, this gives us a variety of prices so we can work within most budgets.

  1. You won’t have a dress to fit me

We have wedding gowns that range in sizes from 6-32. We have crafty ways of making gowns fit nicely using clamps and extenders. This will allow you to see how the dress fits from all angles, giving you a better idea of what the dress will look like when its ordered in your size.

  1. How will I know when I have found my dress?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about “the feeling” you get when you find your dress.

That feeling is indescribable, but you will know when you feel it. Here are the 10 signs you know you’ve found your dress:

  1. You don’t want to take it off
  2. It will make you feel so beautiful and you swear this is the best you’ve ever looked
  3. Price will seem irrelevant
  4. You love it, even though it’s not what you imagined
  5. You can picture yourself walking down the aisle in this dress
  6. You get a tingle or feel a little giddy
  7. You or someone in your entourage is crying
  8. You can’t stop thinking about this dress.
  9. No-one else’s opinion matters
  10. You can’t wait for your fiancé to see you
  1. What if my family and friends don’t like my dress?

Think wisely about how many people you bring to your appointment. The smaller the party, the fewer opinions you have to manage. Just bring those closest to you, and have fun with a small group of trusted sources.

Keep in mind, we all have different fashion ideas, but your opinion is the most important. As mentioned above, if you have found your dress, no one else’s opinion will matter.

Check out Southern Bride’s post on wedding dress shopping tips for more on this topic

  1. I am so nervous; is it possible to have fun like they do T.V?

100% yes

I have created an experience for brides that reflects how special and fun the journey to finding your wedding dress should be.

Kay and I are very relaxed friendly people, we love a good laugh and always have a great time with our brides.

It is our goal to ensure you feel 100% at home and relaxed during your time with us.

  1. What if I find a dress I like but it’s not what I had imagined?

We constantly see women come in with a set idea of what they want for a gown, then try it on and don’t actually love it, and instead, fall for something completely different that they’d never considered.

Keep an open mind when searching for your bridal gown and embrace the exciting possibility that you could fall in love with something you had never even imagined.

  1. I don’t know what shape suits my body. How on earth will I choose?

As an experienced Stylist, it is our job to find you the most flattering silhouette – That part is easy for us!

Like on SAY YES TO THE DRESS, we choose the dresses for you, based on a questionnaire that we send you prior to the appointment and our ongoing dialogue. It really is that simple 😉

  1. What if I don’t cry?

Maybe emotion will overcome you. Maybe your mom will get choked up too. But it’s totally fine if no one cries.

It doesn’t mean you picked the wrong gown. Every bride is different so don’t put pressure on yourself to react in a certain way.

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