15 gift ideas for your office secret santa at $25(ish) or less

Merry Christmas everyone! Can you believe it’s just on two weeks till the jolly man visits?

In the meantime, there’s tinsel to hang, work shouts to attend… and your office secret Santa recipient to buy for! Luckily for you, giving presents is my love language, so I’ve teamed up with Etsy to share some awesome Secret Santa gift ideas that’ll keep you under budget.  Note that we’ve used affiliate links throughout the post, so if you end up making a purchase, a portion of that goes to Southern Bride (which helps keeps the lights on, so to speak).

So without further ado, have a scroll through a few of my favourite picks for your favourite coworkers…

For the kinda-lazy and slow office mate: sloth mousepads!

shop this here
shop this here

For those important executives, name plates with a twist

get this here
Get this here

buy this engraved desk sign here

For the lawyer types – punny  pencils

Get these here

shop these here

For the snazzy dresser in the office: cufflinks

shop cuff links here

For your work wife: wine. What else?

shop this here
shop wine glasses here
shop it here

For when you forgot to buy your present: download a printable + office printer + frame = winning.

download this instantly here

For those who need coffee (everyone): a special mug

shop this here
shop this here
Shop this here

For the dog obsessed colleague: a personalised pillow of their pup (can get cat ones for the crazy cat people too!)

shop this here

For the sweary gals: a fuckity fuck fuck fuck makeup tote

Shop makeup bag here

shop this here


For more ideas, check out Etsy’s gift guide here.

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