5 Simple Tips For Planning Your Custom Wedding Dress

When you’re wedding planning, you’ve got a million and one decisions to make, and some are more stressful than others. For some, a lot hinges on the wedding dress. Such a simple thing can become a source of anxiety. Body image issues, your self-esteem and failed plans to lose weight/gain weight/grow taller/build a Kardashian booty all bubble to the surface, making finding a wedding dress an emotive experience.
One of the ways we can skirt these anxieties is by finding someone you can trust to help overcome, hide or dispel these feelings. Natasha at Beau is one of those people. Your first appointment with the wedding dress designer at Beau is all about the designer getting to know you – and you getting to know (and trust!) the designer.
When you are getting a wedding dress custom made, you don’t need to worry about trawling through Pinterest for the perfect dress, or flicking through magazines. Sure, that’s helpful – as you can get an idea of what you like and don’t like – but your talented designer will take your likes, personality, style and story and transform it into a beautiful gown.
So what can you do to feel prepared when you’re planning to get a wedding dress custom made? I asked Natasha to share some of her tips:

Set aside time to research 

Thumb through images. Think about fabrics, colours and silhouettes that make you feel beautiful. Your designer will develop and play with these ideas and begin a vision for your dress.

Know your wedding dress budget

Within your entire wedding budget, plan what you would like to spend on your dress. Your designer will guide you with expertise, making clear a pricing structure for the craftsmanship, fabrics and components making up your dress.

Plan enough time for the dress to be made

Allow six, ideally twelve months when planning for a couture gown to be made exclusively for you. Time is needed to fully experience all the advantages of this process. Exquisite fabrics and trimmings are sourced from around the world and are often made to order. Constructing your gown can take many hours, days and weeks of craftsmanship.

Be available and prepared

A series of wedding dress fittings ensures your bespoke gown is made to measure. Discuss your lingerie requirements and select your wedding shoes early in the process. Schedule dates and know when you need to have these things ready.


Eat healthy, exercise regularly and plan in some ‘you’ time. Feeling positive and acting positively will ensure you are in the best shape to enjoy the day and experience leading up to it.
To book a design consultation, contact: natasha@beau-couture.com
For inspiration, visit: www.beau.co.nz

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