5 Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Photo Locations

Your wedding photo locations will be seen forever, so you’ll want to choose the perfect spots! The questions then become, how many do you need, where should they be and do you need any wet weather alternatives? We asked our friends at Still Waters Photography for their suggestions and are sharing them with you.

Best Tips On Selecting Your Perfect Wedding Photo Locations

Just like your dress, you must love your wedding photo shoot locations. They’ll capture the essence of your day, create a theme for your wedding album and record this special day for prosperity. To help you select the perfect wedding photo locations, here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Consider your wedding theme – if you have a vintage style theme, photos in front of old buildings and vehicles work well. A romantic theme suits areas with flowers – lots of flowers!
  2. Natural lighting is best – while your photographer can bring lighting with them, having a location bathed in 100% natural light will give you the best result. Make sure you check the lighting at the time you expect to be at that spot, as lighting does change over the day.
  3. Aim for somewhere meaningful – locations which have a special meaning for you both are awesome choices. Maybe the place you first met, where you became engaged, where you have participated in your hobbies, such as a surf beach or local park. Even the playground you used to visit when you were a child is great!
  4. Have a backup, just in case – while some of the best photos are in bad weather, that doesn’t mean you want to stay wet all day long. Choose some sheltered or indoor wedding photo locations in case the weather is stormy on the day.
  5. Choose somewhere quiet – while it’s tempting to have your photos taken around others, you risk numerous questioning and waiting for people to get out of your shot. A quiet location is best, where your photographer can simply focus on capturing your images, rather than the people around you!

How Many Wedding Photo Locations Do I Need?

Unless you are having your photos taken on a different day, it’s important to remember that your guests will be waiting for your return. This means choose photo locations which are close to each other and your guests. The number you have may vary but aim for around two to three spots. Remember that your wedding photographer will be able to take very different photos even in one location – so the quality of location is far more important than the quantity.

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5 tips for choosing Wedding Photo Locations

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