7 Unique & Thoughtful Father of the Bride Gifts

Giving father of the bride gifts is a beautiful way to acknowledge the role he has had in your life growing up. The problem is, guys are notoriously hard to buy for, and for such a special occasion as this, the pressure to find the perfect gift is enormous!

So, what can you do? Well, the first thing is we suggest taking a read of our list of the seven father of the bride gifts we have compiled. There’s something in there for even the fussiest of Dads.

Ultimate List of Father of the Bride Gifts

The key to remember when giving Dad presents is, they love practical and useful gifts. While it’s not so appropriate to give Dad a new drill just before he walks you down the aisle, there are plenty of wedding theme gifts you could give him instead:

  • Customised handkerchiefs – while Dad may not shed a tear in front of you, a gift of a customised handkerchief is sure to be appreciated. Veronica and Me Designs can embroider any quotes or poems which are special onto the handkerchief.
  • Personalised hip flask – Dad may appreciate being able to have a quick tipple before the ceremony from a hip flask personalised with a message or your wedding details.

    Personalised Flask here
  • Personalised glasses – let him raise a glass or two to the happy couple in a set of personalised glasses. Or if he is a beer drinker, in his own tanker or pint glass. Southern Bride member Made for You can help with a special vessel.
  • Personalised tie – what about a handmade personalised tie, designed to match the bridal party? On the back of the tie, an embroidered patch could be added with some special words from you to him. You could add to this with an engraved tie clip and cuff links too.
  • Socks – okay, it’s not what you are thinking here! We’re not talking about regular work socks, but rather special personalised socks which have a lovely message upon them. Maybe some words of encouragement to help him collect his feelings as he walks you down the aisle?

    Personalised Socks here
  • Framed photo – is there a special photo of you and your Dad from when you were a little girl? Why not have it framed to give to him on your wedding day? A message such as, “Remember I loved you first Dad” or similar would work well on the back of the frame.

    Personalised Father of the Bride Frame here
  • T-shirt – customised t-shirts can make very funny and appreciated father of the bride gifts. With phrases such as “I survived my daughter’s wedding” or “I can’t keep calm; my daughter is getting married” could be embroidered onto a t-shirt by Veronica and Me.

Do you have any father of the bride gifts you’d like to share with us and other brides to be? We’d love to know what they are, so let us know in the comments section below!

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