7 Ways to Include Pets in a Wedding

Ever thought of including pets in a wedding? You wouldn’t be alone, with many couples wanting a way to recognise how they feel about their pets. We’re not 100% sure why this is becoming a popular trend but are having a guess. We think it’s something to do with waiting till later in life to have kids and instead choosing fur-babies.

Is it a good idea to include pets in a wedding? There’s the age-old phrase, ‘never work with animals or kids’ to consider. But then there’s also the joy and love our pets bring us too. We’re of the opinion that as long as you realise things could go wrong, and have backup plans, you should be fine. But the ultimate decision needs to be made by the two of you.

If you have decided to move forward and include your pets in the ceremony or other parts of your wedding day, we’ve found seven cool ways you could choose to do so.

7 Ideas to Including Pets in a Wedding

Once confirming that your wedding venue is happy for pets to attend (because you don’t want to do all this planning and not have your fur babies present), choosing the role they will play is your first decision. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are seven fun ways to include your pets in a wedding:

  1. Ring bearer – your pet carries the wedding rings up the aisle tied to their collar, harness or cage (if it is a bird).
  2. Flower pet (mostly dogs) – young Fido is walked up the aisle with a collar and lead covered in flowers or is carrying a basket filled with rose petals.
  3. Best man or maid of honour – who says your bridal party actually has to consist of humans?
  4. Table decorations – have a pet fish you love? Why not include it as part of the table decorations, on the altar or marriage certificate signing table. If your pet can’t be present, there’s no reason why your wedding accessories couldn’t be themed around them. Cat place cards anyone?
  5. Photos – you could have wedding photos taken with your pet during your reception. Arrange for someone to bring your pet, stay while the photos are being taken, and then take them home again. This is especially suitable for when pets aren’t allowed at the venue, and you have photos taken in a public park, for instance.
  6. Special mentions – sometimes it just isn’t possible for your pet horse or budgie to attend, so mention them instead. This could be in your vows, as a poem, or even a large photo up by the celebrant. You could include them in your wedding invitations and thank you cards too.
  7. Cake topper – why not choose a fondant model of your beloved pet on the top of your wedding cake? Or have one custom-made from porcelain so you can keep it forever; we think would be a lovely memento.

We suggest taking a read of our article, Pets At Your Wedding: Could You Have Your Fur-baby As A Ringbearer. It contains some handy tips about the things you will need to consider if having pets in a wedding, to ensure things flow as smoothly as possible! Have fun xx

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