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7 Ways to Make a Big Wedding Feel Intimate

You may have invited dozens of guests, but you can still make your big wedding feel intimate. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a big wedding at all! In fact, large weddings allow everyone the opportunity to celebrate with the happy couple. Sometimes though, a big wedding can feel kind of overwhelming, as the newlyweds may not get to interact with all of their guests. Simply seeing hundreds of faces staring at you is also kind of freaky!

We asked our friends at Dunedin Venues to share with us some ideas on how couples can make a big wedding feel intimate, letting you keep your large guest list and still achieve optimum intimacy.

How to Make Your Big Wedding Feel Intimate

Thanks to Dunedin Venues, one of the South’s top conference venue and event services companies, here are seven things you can do to make your big wedding feel like an intimate experience:

  1. Small tables – rather than using long or super-wide tables, seat guests at smaller tables of no more than six. This allows guests seated at an entire table the chance to talk with everyone.
  2. Personalised décor – individual place names on tables, named wedding favours and a large displayed guest list bring a sense of intimacy and inclusion to all. It’s the personal details that count!
  3. Small break out spaces – setting up specific zones for dancing or relaxed seating help a large wedding feel more personal. This can be done not only through the use of screens and individual rooms, but also through furniture and accessory placement too.
  4. Greet your guests – you may have the traditional meet and greet line after the ceremony, but making sure you mingle throughout the day can bring a personal and intimate touch.
  5. Ceremony seating – instead of traditional pew rows, why not position your ceremony seating in a half-circle or even 360 degrees around you both?
  6. Colour scheme – darker colours make a space feel smaller, so if you know you are having a large guest list and venue, weave colours such as navy, green, brown and black into your décor.
  7. Choose a smaller venue – sounds counterproductive, but using a smaller venue can help make things feel cosier and encourage guests to mingle with one another.

For help in hosting your upcoming wedding, we recommend having a chat with the team at Dunedin Venues. Not only can they help give your wedding a true wow factor, but they can also help organise catering and venue set-up!

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