7 Wedding Napkin Folding Ideas to Try

A quick search through Pinterest for wedding napkin folding ideas delivers thousands of photos. While it’s great there are so many options; the question is where do you start? Well, we’ve put together a list of our favourite seven wedding napkin folding ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing…

7 Must Try Wedding Napkin Folding Ideas

Whether you’re going with cloth or paper napkins at your reception, the way in which they are presented is important. They can be a part of your table decorations, a continuation of your wedding theme and a great way to add some style to your reception! Here are seven of our favourite ideas:

  1. Pinwheels – this fold will suit a relaxed, whimsical or outdoor wedding. Or you could save them for the napkins of your youngest guests.
  2. Crown Folded Napkin – this has a little pocket into which you could add a name tag, a wedding favour or a snack.
  3. Rose Napkin – what could be more romantic than having your reception table napkins folded into beautiful roses? We also love how each napkin can be folded in just 30 seconds too!
  4. Waterfall Napkin – also called the Swirl Fold, this napkin is ideal for sitting on a plate and while it can be time-consuming, the visual effect is stunning.
  5. Knotted Napkin – ideal for a casual boho style wedding, this is easy to do and looks effective.
  6. Single Pocket Fold – if you have a printed menu for your guests, using a folded napkin with a small slide in pocket would work well.
  7. Heart Folded Napkin – once again, romance is in the air with this beautiful heart napkin! As it lays flat, it’s great for laying on a plate before your guests arrive.

Tips on Achieving the Perfect Wedding Napkin Folding Styles

When it comes to napkin folding, the end result is only as good as the napkin you are using and the amount of practice you have had. While we’ll leave the amount of practising up to you, here are some of the characteristics of a good quality cloth napkin:

  • Made with a high thread count cotton or linen fabric
  • Folded or rolled hem and with mitred corners
  • Evenly sized
  • Square in shape
  • Easy to iron
  • Machine washable
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Smooth and soft to feel
  • Absorbent

Now that you’ve sorted our your wedding napkin folding ideas, it’s time to organise the rest of your reception too! Be sure to take a look through our collection of articles on planning and organising a great wedding reception today!

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