9 Unique & Creative Save the Date Ideas

Your wedding date is set, making it time to start looking for save the date ideas. After all, you don’t want anyone to double book themselves for your wedding day! Save the dates, which are used to notify your friends and family that you’ve set a wedding date, have been around for ten years. They’re a great idea to help guests book their travel and accommodation, plus any time off work well in advance. There are many beautiful save the date cards you can send out, but what if you are wanting something a bit different? We’ll share nine of our favourite ideas with you.

9 Amazing Save the Date Ideas for Your Guests

Sending your save the date cards out is so exciting! It really cements that your wedding day is booked, making your engagement less surreal. The problem with sending cards though is that they are easily misplaced amongst all the other mail a person receives. How can you ensure they don’t file it with all their other paperwork? Send one of these nine unique and creative save the date ideas instead:

  1. Fridge Magnets – why not include all the details on a magnet which can be stuck to the fridge? It’s both useful and hard to lose!
  2. Tea Towels – have your details screen or hand printed onto plain tea towels and sent to your guests.
  3. Seed Packet – why not create your own seed packet (or cover up an existing one)? Choose seeds of flowers you both love or which have a special meaning for you both.
  4. Message in a Bottle – there are so many cute glass bottles available nowadays. Add your special save the date message inside, seal and hand deliver to your friends and family.
  5. Printed Balloons – get the party started early, by sending out printed balloons! Don’t forget to include the information on an attached card just in case the balloon pops.
  6. Video – if you’re feeling creative, why not star in your own save the date video?! If you upload it to YouTube, you can control the privacy levels and share the link only with those invited. If you’re a bit camera shy, perhaps a video game-themed invite would be a bit of fun!
  7. Key Ring – if it’s useful, it will get kept! Have your wedding details printed onto a keyring.
  8. Photo Strip Bookmark – visit one of those photo booths, have your photos taken in different poses including holding up a sign with all your details on it.
  9. Stamped pencils – your guests can make a note of your wedding date with a pencil stamped with wedding date.

Which ones of these save the date ideas tickles your fancy? Do you have any others you could share with us? Tell us below!

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