A Bride’s Guide to Finding Her Perfect Wedding Dress

Are you ready to begin the journey to find your perfect wedding dress? Whether you’re getting married next year or have just become engaged, the perfect wedding dress is something every bride deserves.

We’ve asked our friend Donna from Brides by Donna Rae, Invercargill’s exclusive wedding dress boutique, for her top tips and she has happily shared them with us.

7 Tips to Help You Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Brides by Donna Rae welcome brides to be every day to their wedding gown store. Their Who Said Yes page filled with photos of happy brides who found their dream dress in the store is a testament to the wonderful gowns they have available and the expert service they provide. A large part of their role is to help guide brides to choose a dress which is perfect in every way. Here are some of the tips they offer their brides:

  • Do your research first – spend time viewing websites and bridal magazines to see the types of gowns you like and don’t like. Is there a theme emerging, such as all ivory gowns, lace sleeves or a zip up back?
  • Start shopping early – it takes time to order in and then fit a wedding gown. Around 8-10 months is a good time to start looking, unless you simply want one off the rack. Here’s some more advice on when you should start looking
  • Know your budget – while it’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful gown, paying for one you can’t afford is another story! Work out your wedding dress budget before you start looking and be upfront with the wedding boutique from the start.
  • Decide on your wedding theme first – even if you haven’t figured out every detail, it’s important that you know your theme when you start shopping. You want to ensure that your gown matches your theme to avoid looking out of place.
  • Be open to suggestions – often a bride has a set idea of what she wants her dress to look and feel like. However, a bridal designer can make gown suggestions based upon her experience and knowledge which would look even better! Go with it and try on any suggested gowns, as chances are one will be your perfect dress!
  • Try various shapes first – from the princess to a close-fitting sexy flare skirt, be sure to try on different styles (and necklines) at the start to quickly help you narrow down the style you prefer and suits you best.
  • Know your skin tone – a wedding dress doesn’t have to be bright white! Gowns come in a variety of shades and colours to suit all skin tones. It’s wide to identify what your skin tone is and the shades and colours which match it before trying on gowns.

Brides from all over New Zealand have made the journey to Invercargill to find their dream gown. We recommend you make an appointment to visit Brides by Donna Rae. We have a feeling that your perfect wedding dress is ready and waiting for you there…

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