Southern Bride Verified is a team of awesome wedding professionals to help with their advice and opinions on the tough wedding planning stuff.

These friendly, trustworthy and professional wedding vendors contribute content to the website, are on hand to answer tough questions in the community and share special offers and inspiration in the Facebook group.

Southern Bride Verified status is a way for engaged couples to relax and enjoy their wedding day, safe in the knowledge you can trust your wedding day dream team.

Allowing engaged NZ couples to plan their wedding day with less stress

Our primary goal is for the Southern Bride community to be a win-win for the brides, grooms and newly weds who rely on us for support and advice, and for the wedding professionals who chose to advertise with us.

Our engaged brides and grooms can enjoy a ton of helpful, useful, practical and FREE advice, available because of your sponsorship. Plus the Southern Bride Verified brand gives couples a mark of assurance that you’re trustworthy, credible and professional.

Tap into our community to grow your wedding business

Here’s some of the perks:

  1. You get to sponsor content on the website – we’ll write blog posts to share your experience and advice with our couples – establishing your skill by demonstrating your knowledge
  2. These blog posts are then shared to our social media accounts, to our newsletter subscribers so your knowledge is shared over and over, not just as a one-off thing.
  3. Where suitable, we include blog posts into the Southern Bride Wedding Planning course.  The course emails are tailored to the wedding date, so you’ll be connecting with couples right when they’re looking for you
  4. You can share your work within the private Facebook community (things like special deals, Facebook posts about interesting things, and inspiration our couples might enjoy). We are also able to offer promotional shares to the Facebook group on a recurring basis (in addition to promoting you on our main Facebook page).
  5. There is a private Facebook community for Southern Bride Verified members to network with other professionals. We organise irregular coffee catchups…. when we can coordinate our busy schedules/geographic locations!
  6. You’ll get a directory listing on the Southern Bride website. Your directory listing and the blog content is great for improving website rankings in search engines – helping your website get found during web searches
  7. A badge for your website to acknowledge your verified status
  8. Exclusivity – only one specialty type per geographic area to avoid over saturation and ensure variety

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