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wedding advice from a marriage celebrant angela port

Today I’ve picked the brain of Southern Bride Verified marriage celebrant Angela Port, finding out what makes her tick, what advice she has for couples and  trends that she’s spotted.

First Angela, can you describe yourself in three words?

Passionate, positive, fun!

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 How did you get into being a marriage celebrant? Why?!

I was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies for a good friends wedding in 2013. It was the first time I had done anything like that, and absolutely loved it. I loved the process of writing the speech to include a bit of humour, and some personal ancedotes. That process made me think to myself how can I do more of this (loving people and weddings definitely helps).

I investigated the possibility of becoming a marriage celebrant, and started the process. I absolutely love my job, everyone is always happy on their wedding day. I love meeting couples and learning their story and using that to help them craft a perfect ceremony.

unplugged wedding signage and advice2‘Unplugged’ weddings are a real trend at the moment

The concept of ‘unplugged weddings’ is becoming very popular. An unplugged wedding is where you ask your guests to put away their phones/cameras and be present in the moment.

Guests can be well meaning, but talk to any photographer and they will tell you horror stories of guests ruining professional wedding photos. Being unplugged also means that no photos/posts are submitted to social media. Worst case scenario is a photo of the bride getting ready posted on facebook before the wedding.

If this is something that a couple wants to include for their wedding day, then I make an announcement to the guests before the bride arrives, nicely, to put their devices away and not post anything. Alot of couples inform their guests about the unpluggedness (not sure thats a word) of their wedding on their invites and sometimes there will be a sign at the wedding venue also.

What sort of behind the scenes work do you do that couples might not know about?

I do alot of research, to give me ideas for ceremonies. I want to give couples lots of options and ideas for what they can include or do on their wedding day. There’s alot of driving, alot of time spent on the computer crafting ceremonies, and alot of time making sure I have every situation covered for the big day.

“The ceremony is the post important part of the day”

Because I generally only deal with the ceremony part of the wedding day, I may be biased, but I believe that the ceremony is the most important part of the day. In your ceremony you are telling the world how you feel about the other person, you are making promises and setting intentions for you life together, and I think that is powerful. I think people are generally surprised when I explain the small part of the ceremony that legally has to be done, and how much scope they have to customise their ceremony to be perfect for them. Most couples have no idea how to start the process, so look to me give them advice and ideas and options.

I like to spend alot of time talking to couples, asking questions to get a sense of their relationship, and their personalities, this is all information that I can use to craft their ceremony. Quite often couples are surprised and delighted at the details that I include in their initial draft, these are the details that I love and feel make the ceremony fun and personal and meaningful, which I believe makes it perfect.

Any other bits of advice or comments on what you do, that you’d like to share?

When choosing a celebrant for your wedding day, make sure you click with them, make sure they get your vision for the day. When I visit couples I make sure they are aware of (for inspiration) and another website I love is

I tell couples to take note of things that they see/hear/read that they like and we can use any of those ideas to craft their ceremony. I handcraft every ceremony personally so my couples are not going to get the same ceremony as anyone else. I love making ceremonies personal, meaningful and fun.

Where can couples find you?

Find contact details for Angela Port Celebrant in the Southern Bride Verified Directory


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  1. Full article is really awesome. In the article the concept of ‘unplugged weddings’ is becoming very popular day by day . This is really a very helpful article for marriage celebrant.

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