Beautiful Trends for Wedding Nails

Along with a bride’s makeup, her wedding nails are also of a high priority. Should she have a professional manicure or DIY her nails? What are the best nail colours for a wedding? Is nail art suitable for a wedding? We asked North Canterbury nail manicurist Sarah Black for her suggestions for us to share with you.

What Are the Latest Trends in Wedding Nails?

Like with wedding gowns, there are definite styles and trends in wedding nail fashion. For many years, brides believed that a French manicure was the way forward, keeping things simple and neutral, a dignified elegance. Yet times are changing and many brides are now experimenting with different colours, designs, and patterns.

Natural nail manicurist Sarah Black works with brides to be and their bridal parties in the lead up to and on the day of their wedding. With her experience in caring for nails and knowledge of a wide range of nail products, you can relax in knowing your hands are in great hands! Regarding trends for wedding nails, Sarah has observed:

  • Bling & sparkle – brides are choosing to add some sparkle to their day by using nail polish or gel which has sparkles within it. Generally, the colours are muted and neutral, with the glitter adding a quiet statement to her outfit.

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  • Nail colours – while there has been a move away from the French manicure, many brides are still loving the look it gives them! Colours which are pale, nude or pastel are popular still also. Then other brides are splashing out with their favourite colours in other shades such as red, maroon or even black! 
  • Wedding nail art – while cartoon characters and 80’s style designs are not off the cards, most brides who request wedding nail art usually stick with more minimal designs. From diamontes to swirls, or even flowers, timeless nail art designs are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Something blue – some brides are choosing their nails to become their something blue on their wedding day. From the palest baby blue, right through to a midnight blue, it certainly is a rocking new trend in wedding nails!
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In terms of whether to go with gel or polish for your wedding day, consider how long you want your nails to last. Gel lasts longer, so if you are heading off on a honeymoon right away, it’s perfect for not having to worry about your nails until you arrive home again. Or you can choose polish if you’re wanting to remove your nail colour immediately after your wedding.

To arrange a time to chat with Sarah and book in your wedding nails, please contact her through her Culverden salon.

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