Being asked to be bridesmaid – things to consider

Being asked to be bridesmaid is a huge honour, and something you may only get to do a handful of times in your life. You get to experience the fun and excitement of a wedding day, without the pressure and stress of being the center of attention!

That doesn’t mean everything will be sunshine and rainbows. Weddings are emotionally charged and the stress can cause tension within friendships. Today I’m sharing three important things to consider, before you agree to being bridesmaid.

Being asked to be bridesmaid – things to consider

Is the bridesmaid paying for her own dress?

Firstly, who is going to be paying for what? In a world where wedding expenses can very quickly out of hand, you don’t want to find yourself forced to fork out for a dress, shoes, hair and make up, accommodation and travel when the total spills out into hundreds of dollars. A frank discussion will be required, but you’ll be glad you had it.
Even if the bride is covering the dress, you may have extra expenses to cover that a regular guest wouldn’t incur – such as hosting hen’s nights and bridal showers, dry cleaning your dress and extra time off work.
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Can you be honest with your friend?

Secondly, you need to decide whether or not your friendship can survive a major wedding-related falling out. Of course, this may be tricky if you are related to, or about to become related to the bride! But weddings draw out some of the most deepest emotions in people, and you need to know that you and the bride can handle any friction.
Brides tend to ask their bridesmaids for their advice – and you need to skirt a line between having an opinion, and just saying “yes, looks awesome”.  Sometimes it’s not really an opinion she’s after, but reassurance.

Will you cope with wearing a heinous dress?

Thirdly and lastly, are you going to be able to have the self control to smile throughout the day, no matter what? You could find yourself wearing a dress that you hate, in a colour that makes you look ill, with a hairstyle that you can’t believe even exists – and you will still have to cry (prettily) during the ceremony, smile during the photography, and tell everyone how much you love it all.
Nothing is worse than your discontent about these carefully chosen details getting back to the bride. It takes a strong person to stay quiet in the face of a horrible bridesmaid dress, but it is expected of bridesmaids the world over.

What do you think?

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to follow your bride wherever she wants to lead you? Because only if you can honestly say that you can should you agree to be her bridesmaid.
being asked to be bridesmaid

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