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Wedding Reception Ideas on a Budget

If you’re concerned about the spiraling costs of your wedding, you’re not alone. With so much to organize and pay for, compromising is key to keeping costs under control. This doesn’t mean compromising on style, appearance, location, or even taste when it comes to needing wedding reception ideas on a budget.

Today we are going to discuss some ideas for how you can keep costs down for your wedding reception.

Backyard Wedding seating by a pool with white balloons in the middle.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

Low cost doesn’t need to mean cheap and nasty! We’re excited to share our favorite wedding reception ideas on a budget with you.

  • Be flexible with your date. Hold your wedding offseason or even in the middle of the week. Often venues discount their booking fees when they are not busy, so ask away!
  • Focus on your priorities. Aim to achieve the most important wedding reception feature and then compromise on the rest.
  • Consider non-traditional wedding venues. Prices are often lower than at the more well-known venues, although you may have to do a bit more wedding DIY. You could even choose to do a backyard wedding which can bring the cost down significantly.
  • One venue. Have your ceremony and reception at the same place, to avoid paying two booking fees.
  • Limit your guest list. Only invite family and your closest friends, then meet up with others later to celebrate over drinks.
  • Organize your own music. Instead of hiring a DJ or band, you can choose to put your favorite tunes on an iPod for free.
  • Wedding catering costs – whether you opt for platters/nibbles instead of a sit down meal, or go with cheaper meats, such as chicken. The are other ideas on how to

When it comes to keeping costs down for your wedding reception, make sure both of you are on the same page. And for more wedding reception ideas on a budget, check out our large collection of helpful wedding reception articles.

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