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How Children at Weddings Can Work for Everyone

Children at weddings may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but having little people at your nuptials does not necessarily equal cake smashing carnage. The key to keeping the day free of tantrums and tears (from both adults and children!) is to bring together an interesting bunch of activities and games which will keep children occupied and away from the cake table!

9 Ideas for Children at Weddings

How do you make your special celebration fun and entertaining for little people? The key is some careful planning, genuine involvement and lots of fun. Nine great ideas for having happy and well behaved children at weddings include:

  1. Set up a kids table with loads of activities. As a starting point, purchase our cute wedding themed children’s activity books which are available here .These are a great distraction for children and include a wedding-themed maze, colouring in activities, join-the-dots, a word find and a wedding specific scavenger hunt. These suit a range of ages and feature a bride and groom theme for traditional weddings. They can also be ordered to feature same sex couples.
  2. Provide a Lego station or a toy box filled with wooden blocks, puzzles and board games.
  3. Set up a ball-pit for toddlers or a photo-booth with funny dress-ups and disposable cameras for older children.
  4. Include children in a positive way by giving them a purpose. Have them organize and practice a play, song or dance for the big day. You could even hand over the dance-floor for a short time and let them dance up a storm to a few Moana or Frozen songs.
  5. If the budget allows, the hiring of a babysitter will take the load off parents and ensure the children are entertained during the wedding. The minder could look after the children at the wedding or somewhere nearby.
  6. Another option is to hire an entertainer such as a magician, balloon modeler, storyteller or clown.
  7. For older children having a movie room or games station could also be a way to keep boredom at bay.
  8. When it comes to food, catering for children can help avoid meltdowns and tantrums. You could provide a small kids buffet with kid friendly finger-foods and kids cocktails.
  9. Outdoors weddings make things easier as children can make more noise and run off energy. Set up some games on the lawn like ring-toss, croquet, lawn bowls, outdoor jenga, hopscotch or even a bubble station.

Having fun and age appropriate activities and games organised will help prevent your little guests from feeling bored. This goes a long way towards helping create the joyous day you and your guests are hoping for.

Start by purchasing children’s activity books from here and then move on to collating a list of activities and games. Here’s to not having any major meltdowns take the attention away from the lucky couple on their big day, cheers!

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