How do you choose your wedding day music?

Choosing the music for your wedding day can be a drawn-out process – both of you need to sit down and figure it out. In between cake testing, invitation addressing and guest wrangling, it can end up being one of those jobs you procrastinate on! Today we are sharing some tips on how to chose your wedding day music, to hopefully make this job a little easier.

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The reason that choosing music is tricky, is that each individual has different ideas on what they want from their music. The function of the music can vary, from:

  • An old favourite that is somehow ‘special’ or sentimental
  • Something with meaningful lyrics
  • Music that can set the tone (consider how the Jaws theme would go, vs the Bridal March)

Song Request card for wedding day music

Adding to the difficulty is that you need to pick multiple tracks – let’s cover off what you need, broken down into when you need it:

Ceremony music selection

For your wedding ceremony, there’s usually a minimum of 3 songs:

  • The Processional. The processional is the song you hear when the bride is walking down the aisle. This is usually the song that we place a lot of meaning on, and a lot of thought goes into this.  You will want to consider something with a little slower beat, something you can walk to
  • During the Register Signing. While the register is being signed, give some ambience and break up the ceremony with music playing in the background.
  • The Recessional. An upbeat, faster paced song is the perfect choice for your ‘exit’ back down the aisle.

Check out our list of ceremony songs for inspiration.

How to choose the music for your wedding day

First dance music selection

The final big choice in music for a wedding day is the first dance music.

This song should reflect who you and your partner are.  Whether you select your ‘song’, picking something that makes you happy or something that you can (attempt) to dance to!  How to start? Listen to music together (browsing YouTube or Spotify is a good way to start).

Check out our list of first dance song ideas here

Reception music selection

So much of your wedding reception music will come down to whether you have a DJ, band or jukebox.  Your musicians will have a certain genre of music that they excel at or are knowledgeable about. Ask them if they have a song list that you can look through, let them work with the vibe of the room, or if you are collating a playlist yourself, check out our list of 50+ songs for a pumping wedding reception here.

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