Choosing the Right Wedding PA System

You’re saying some of the most important words in your life and using a wedding PA system ensures all present can hear them. Yet many couples don’t even put choosing a wedding PA system on their to-do list. Wedding Celebrant Angela Port feels so strongly about the use of PA systems that she includes them with her celebrant services. We asked Angela to share some tips on how to choose and use a PA system for a wedding.

Choosing and Using a Wedding PA System

Angela Port Celebrant does a lot of talking at weddings. From officially marrying couples through to MC-ing events, she understands the importance of getting her words heard by all. The use of a PA system at your wedding can prevent complaints about not hearing your vows or speeches. It also ensures that your videographer can capture your exchange of vows so you can listen to them again for years to come.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right system, as well as considerations regarding its use on your big day, including:

  • battery-powered vs corded – in the world of wireless technology, it would be fair to say that the PA system’s microphones should be cordless. After all, no ugly cords will be in your photos, you don’t need to worry about tripping over any or even having a long enough cord to move around. Just remember though, you need to make sure that the batteries in the mic are fully charged and ready to go. Having spares just in case would be a good idea.
  • wearable mic vs handheld mics – it can be cute to capture the groom’s words when he sees his bride walking down the aisle. It isn’t so cute to hear him discuss his bachelor party hangover with his best man though. Handheld mics let you choose what is shared with your audience, but wearable mics just mean everything you say is fair game. Wearable mics are discreet though, and if you are happy to monitor what you say, are also worth considering.
  • storage options – where will the microphone be placed when not in use? What about the speakers? Perhaps you could allocate the job of looking after the mic to the best man or have a dedicated place for it to stay.
  • size – it’s not going to be impossible to photoshop mics and speakers out of your photos, but choosing wedding PA systems which are smaller in size is beneficial. Positioning them behind foliage or screens is an option too. Large speakers will be noticeable, so consider the placement of them, as well as portability between your ceremony and reception venues.

When choosing a wedding celebrant, make sure that if a PA system will be available, that they are happy to use it. You don’t want to be teaching your celebrant how to turn the mic on and off on your wedding day! Angela Port Celebrant includes a PA system hire with her wedding and MC packages; so if you’re getting married in or around Dunedin, give her a call and she’ll take care of it all for you.

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