Top Tips on Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Picking a wedding photographer may seem like a lucky dip, especially if you have no knowledge of photography. Newly engaged couples know they want great wedding photos, but don’t want to pay top dollar. They also want photos which capture the essence of their day. All these points and more can make choosing the perfect wedding photographer rather tricky. So, we’ve nailed down our best tips to make the decision much easier for you.

How to Pick a Great Wedding Photographer

One of the trickiest things in choosing a photographer for your wedding is you can’t trial them beforehand. You can smell the flowers, eat the food from a caterer and even try on your wedding dress. But you can’t hold a wedding to test someone out to see if they take great photos, unless you hire them for your engagement photos.

Being realistic through, an awesome photographer costs money. That’s something couples are short of in the lead up to their wedding. This makes it vital that you do a few checks for yourself before hiring a photographer for your wedding.

  • Choose someone you can trust – you’re depending on the photographer to capture all the special moments of your day. You want to be able to rely on them to take photos of the people and events you want recorded. You also want someone who will turn up and produce the goods after your marriage too!  How do you choose someone you can trust? Meet them! 
  • Learn about costs at the start – it is no use choosing your dream photographer if you can’t afford them. Wedding photographers often have package deals where they offer a group of services and products at different prices. Often you can find this information on their website, letting you decide if you want to learn more about them or not.
  • Check out their portfolio – you may not be able to sample their wedding photos, but you can certainly check out what they have shot before. Great wedding photographers will have plenty of albums available for you to view, both on and off their website. Chatting with their past clients will also give you a great indication of whether they ‘produced the goods’ other couples were hoping for from their photos.
  • Get an engagement shoot – engagement shoots are not just for a pretty picture on your Save the Date, they’re a great chance to get comfortable in front of the camera, and learn how your wedding photographer works.
  • Read the fine print – all reputable photographers will have a contract for you to sign. It is expected that you chat with them about it before signing – if you have questions or concerns, raise them now and have the photographer explain what it means! The contract will lay out who the digital images belong to, what rights they have and possibly the number of images you will receive. It may also talk about if images will be edited and how much the booking deposit will be. Here’s some more information on the sorts of things you might find in a wedding photographer’s contract, and what they mean.

Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer

Where do you find this elusive person? Word of mouth is by far one of the best ways! Chat with other brides about who they chose and why. Ask them how they thought the photographer did on their wedding day. Consider our wedding hack for figuring out what qualities you need to look for in your photographer. Finally look through plenty of wedding albums!

If you’re wondering what to ask your prospective wedding photographer when you meet up, the perfect place to start is with the set of questions listed in the Little White Wedding Planning Pack. The list covers off all the essential things you should be thinking about, but might forget. After all, finding your wedding photographer is one of the biggest wedding planning decisions you’ll make!

Google is a great place to find a photographer too. But best of all, here at Southern Bride, we’ve got some wonderful choices for you to look through in our Wedding Directory. Come and take a look around – we’ve got your entire wedding planning needs sorted!

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