Choosing Your Bespoke Wedding Gown Fabric

Welcome to the world of wedding gown fabric! From silk to taffeta, charmeuse to chiffon, brides today is lucky to have many beautiful fabric choices to pick from. We asked bespoke wedding dress designer Natasha from Beau Couture to share her tips on selecting the right wedding gown fabric.

How to Choose Your Wedding Gown Fabric

Other than white or cream, have you thought any further about your wedding gown fabric? When you are having a custom wedding dress designed, the fabric you choose will most likely impact upon the style of your dress – and vice versa. We asked bespoke wedding dress designer, Natasha of Beau Couture, to share examples of the commonly used wedding gown fabric types, as well as tips on selecting the fabric for brides.

  • Budget – like with everything wedding-related, the fabric you select needs to fit within your budget. If you have a specific fabric in mind, ask your designer if there are alternative options available at a lower price if needed.
  • Dress style – unless you have your heart set on a specific fabric, it is best to first decide upon the style of your wedding gown and then select the fabric. Your designer will be able to show you examples of the most suitable fabrics for you to select from.
  • Wedding location – a destination wedding involves travelling and there are just some fabrics that don’t like being in a suitcase! Make certain you discuss this with your designer so they can help you select the most suitable wedding gown fabric.
  • Season – while wedding dresses are not generally seasonal, there are some fabrics best left for cooler months. Satin, brocade, and velvet are best for winter and autumn months, while chiffon and silk are suitable for warmer months.
  • Commonly used fabrics – satin, charmeuse, organza, tulle, chiffon, and lace are six of the most commonly used fabrics for wedding gowns. Each has its pros and cons in terms of wear-ability and usage, just like how some are better suited for specific dress styles.

Ultimately the choice of wedding dress fabric is yours, though we encourage you to be guided by the designer of your dress. We can recommend the services of Natasha from Beau Couture as a bespoke wedding gown designer; her gowns are amazing and her knowledge of fabric selection is exceptional!

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