Creating New Christmas Traditions for your first year married

When you get married, you are establishing your own family unit with you, your spouse, any children you might have, fur babies, and extended miscellaneous relatives (the good, the bad and the ugly). With this new family unit, comes the opportunity for creating new Christmas traditions! So today I wanted to share some inspiration and ideas for meaningful Christmas traditions for you and your partner. Begin something that holds meaning for you both, whether it’s an ornament collection, a silly gag gift for a chance to have a laugh, or something else.

newlywed christmas traditions

How to create your own Christmas traditions

Your Christmas traditions don’t have to mean a big chunk of change out of your wallet (at an already expensive time of year). Start by thinking about things that mean something to your family – maybe it’s having a laugh with (or at) each other, perhaps it could be about creating mementos to create your own family heirlooms.

Whatever you chose to do, I recommend avoiding big-brand shops and/or opting for personalising your traditions as much as possible.  There’s nothing less special than your latest find being on everyone else’s Instafeed…

Something to wear – Ugly Christmas Sweaters for two

What better way to celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple than with these cute jerseys that say Hubby and Wifey?! These matching sweaters leave no doubt to your marital status. Hilarious fun when turning up to the family lunch.

matching christmas jumpers
Sweatshirts here

Of course, many of us have not been able to jump on the ugly Christmas sweater trend, because we would be baking in the summer hemisphere sun. So I present to you the perfect alternative for the Christmas Day BBQ: the ugly Christmas tshirt!

Naught or Nice Tshirts here

If you are a bit more introverted (or your partner is vehemently opposed to wearing matching tops in public… raises hand…) then perhaps a matching hubby & wifey pajama set would be a cute and cosy option! Pair with a corny xmas movie, a nice drink and some baking, and you’ve got yourself a holiday tradition.

Matching Pyjamas here

All that glitters – Christmas ornaments and decorations

A relatively common Christmas tradition (throughout my friend circle, anyway) is picking a Christmas ornament for the tree. Why not take it a step further and pick something personalised, that represents the milestone(s) achieved throughout the year? That way, as you look at your Christmas tree in the future, you’ll see a summary of your achievements.

Our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs ornament:

Christmas Decoration here

(Extra bonus points – Anything personalised and sentimental is super-Mum-friendly, so pick something up for her at the same time and get on the good list ASAP.)

Homeowner Ornament here

With houses getting so hard to get into, being homeowners is an incredible achievement and one that should be celebrated – this personalised skeleton key for the Xmas tree would be a lovely addition to the first Xmas tree in your new home.

They can also change the year, so if you’ve been in your home for a couple of years, don’t feel like you can’t get it. Just consider it financially prudent to wait till you’d adjusted to mortgage repayments… doesn’t that make you sound responsible? Ok… now go get one guilt-free!

New Home Ornament here

If your home happens to have a mantle over the fireplace, what is more traditional on Christmas than a stocking waiting for presents from the big red man! These beautiful knitted stockings are embroidered with your names. Start now with you and your spouses, then add to the collection in years to come, if you add to your collection in years to come, if you catch my drift…

Christmas Stockings here

Celebrate your first Christmas as Mr and Mrs with this rustic wood slice. It is a perfect reminder for all of those newlyweds – what a year it’s been! One more last minute bid to celebrate their special day, and what better way to do so than a gift that gets displayed year on year.

If you’ve just begun planning your wedding then they also have an “engaged” version especially for you:

Christmas is not just for the kids…

Why should kids get all the fun (i.e. chocolate)?

Invest in a reusable advent calendar made of eco-friendly reusable cotton bags, and fill with treats to get you through the mad Christmas rush.

If you’re impatient to open the goodies under the tree, now that you’re a real-live-grownup, start a “Christmas Eve Box” tradition of your own. A Christmas Eve Box is filled with small stocking stuffers: pyjamas, books, sweets and games.

Have you attempted a gingerbread house? This Gingerbread House kit comes with three cutters in order to build your gingerbread house. Decorate with some pretty lollies and icing and you’ve got a delicious decoration.

Recording your new Christmas traditions

I love writing and recording special times – when I travel, or undertake something, I tend to write about it. So if you want to do something relatively low-key and easy for your Christmas traditions, what about a beautiful Christmas journal.

Each year on Christmas day, write a few lines about who you celebrated with, highlights of the year and your hopes and dreams for the year ahead.  Then pack it away with your Christmas tree till next year. In the years to come you will have pages of lovely memories to look back upon!

If writing isn’t your cup of tea,  just pop a photo or two in.

For more ideas, browse the Christmas Present Ideas collection I’ve been curating on Etsy! It’s my own personal wishlist of beautiful Christmas presents, gift ideas and things I’m lusting after for my own home,

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