Considering an Engagement Shoot? Here’s What You Need to Know

Wedding day photos are a given, but have you considered engagement photos also? Often brides are so focused on their big day that they miss out on the other occasions a wedding photographer can capture too.

We talked with Still Waters Photography for their thoughts and ideas to help you learn about engagement photos.

How to Achieve the Perfect Engagement Photos

When we talk about engagement photos, we do not mean at your party. Instead, we’re talking about photos which show the real essence of you both. Predictable poses and cheesy smiles don’t suit the modern bride. She’s looking for engagement photos which demonstrate their love for each other and their excitement for the future together.

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To capture great engagement photos, you most importantly need to select the right wedding photographer. This will be someone who is experienced and can show you examples of work they have done before. They’ll also be happy to listen and work with your ideas, plus share their expertise by making suggestions too. Finally, it will come down to how you feel about them as a person, such as if they make you feel comfortable and you enjoy being around them.

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If you use the same engagement photo photographer as for your wedding photographer, you get a chance to get used to each other before the wedding day and learn how your photographer works. We recommend getting an engagement shoot to help you alay any fears when choosing your wedding photographer!

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The photos that result from your engagement photo shoot capture a special moment in time. For more advice on your engagement shoot, we recommend getting in touch with Kate today!

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