Considering Having Sunrise or Sunset Wedding Photos?

If you love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then having sunrise or sunset wedding photos taken may just be your thing too! Couples are always looking for ideas when it comes to their wedding photos, and today, we think we’ve got some of the most brilliant ones to share with you.

Ideas for Sunrise & Sunset Wedding Photos

Happening only twice per day, the golden hour is so called because it is when the lighting for photos is perfect. The first hour after sunrise and the first hour before sunset are known as the golden hours for photography. With the sun at its lowest point in the sky, the light is soft and diffused, making it perfect for photos. 

Your wedding photographer will most likely have ideas on locations and poses for you, but it always pays to think of some ideas for yourself. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Natural backgrounds – think fields, mountains, beaches and trees as backdrops. These look stunning with rays of sunlight shining through them.
  • Light and dark – play with light in your photos, such as having people in semi darkness and the sunrise or sunset in the sky beside them.
  • Lots of sky – even if there are clouds, be sure to include a lot of sky in your photos. 
  • Colours – with sunrise and sunset wedding photos, the focus should be on natural colours of reds, oranges, yellows and pinks.
  • Time poses – consider what you are doing in the photos for the time of the day. For instance, sunrise photos can have you being active and energetic, while sunset photos are good for quiet reflection and romance. 
  • Body positioning – make the most of the sun by positioning it carefully in your photos. For instance, when kissing your beloved, have the light rays coming between you both.
  • Practice – if possible, head out with your wedding photographer beforehand for a trial photoshoot. This is why so many people opt for an engagement photo shoot. This will help you all define what you do and don’t like, so can focus on those shots during your big day.
  • Do your research – the times for sunrise and sunset change slightly every day. Be sure to find out exactly when they are for your wedding shoot.

If you haven’t already chosen a wedding photographer, we recommend you grab a copy of the Wedding Vendor Worksheets. An experienced wedding photographer can help you achieve perfect timing for the wedding photos you’re dreaming of.

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