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Destination weddings have a reputation for being a little more relaxed and easy-going than a local wedding day. But being away from home and far from your wedding vendors does cause a little stress… and if things go wrong, a good insurance policy is vital. Jon-Paul Hale from Willowgrove Consulting is wrapping up this series on wedding insurance with his tips and advice for an overseas wedding – and he speaks from experience, with his own wedding being held in Rarotonga!

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Destination wedding insurance – what cover do I need?

Wahoo off to a tropical island for a party and a holiday!

Well, that is what I thought with my destination wedding, we got married in the beautiful Rarotonga and can recommend it.

I will cover off both the risk stuff and some tips for you.

There are some distinct advantages to a destination wedding; the big one is it usually involves sand, heat and very little wind and rain. Though you do need to pick your season.

Another is complaining aunt Mavis will not make the effort, and you can be assured those there really want to be there to celebrate with you. Often they too will stay on and have a holiday, which may cramp the honeymoon plans 😉

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So what’s the risk?

Much the same as at home, H&S and liability issues, though if it is a resort style wedding arranged by the resort, the risk, there is somewhat less. However, the same questions should be asked.

The key thing is to have good travel insurance. The sort that covers you for attending a specific event, not just for a general holiday. This will give you additional cover for guests not staying at the resort damaging things and other associated losses due to having more expensive items with you than usual.

Which raises the rings again.

We talked about them in part 1, here. You need to specify them on your travel insurance to ensure they are covered. Along with any expensive items, you will be taking. Like laptops, iPads and cameras.

I have a friend with a very expensive engagement ring that she has a double of. When travelling overseas, the diamond one stays home. It is just too expensive to insure for travel.

With destination weddings, we encounter jurisdictional issues, where insurance in New Zealand won’t cover losses overseas and vice versa. Which is why travel insurance often comes into the picture and is critical to being covered.

Specific coverage needs to be taken for where it is needed, if it is overseas, then we can assist with getting this placed through our contacts here. They would then place it through an international insurer.

The big one to consider with a destination wedding is the access to medical treatment. In the pacific islands, which are the common destinations, their focus for serious medical conditions is to medivac people back to Australia or New Zealand hospitals. This can cost upwards of $100,000 in a serious condition situation.

With destination weddings, your guests travelling may have medical conditions that mean standard travel insurance will not cover them, or it is at a significant cost.

Something to consider if you have a large enough group is a group cover that can be quite cost effective per individual.

Another option is to give us a shout, we work with a travel insurance specialist who only does travel insurance, this not only means cost effective cover but cover that covers pre-existing medical conditions too.

To make it easier, talk to us about setting up a guest register so your guests can get their cover in place without hassle.

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Some tips for destination weddings

If you have a medical doctor in your wedding party, fantastic, for the rest of us packing a reasonable first aid kit is a must. To address the various scrapes and bruises that happen when people outside their normal environment do dumb stuff.

From sea-lice and insect bites, to cuts, grazes and plain old sunburn. Having a kit on hand will reduce the drama of finding the simpler stuff from the resort.

For those looking to have a few wines at the wedding, who does not right? Check out the wine list available and compare the prices in duty-free. It could be you are drinking Moët for the same price the resort charges for Lindauer.

Lastly, for the traveling bride, make sure the airline knows you are traveling for your wedding. They will usually go out of their way to look after you on the flight and will make provision for your dress to be looked after in the cabin.

Also keep in mind some the airlines sell one time access to their lounges and if in Auckland, they have a lounge available that is airline independent to relax in before you fly. All additional costs but well worth it to arrive relaxed and looked after 🙂

Jon-Paul Hale is the owner of Willowgrove Consulting and is an award winning insurance adviser with 15 years of insurance industry experience.

Finalist for 2016 PAA Life Insurance Adviser of the Year and the 2015 PAA New Life Insurance Adviser of the Year.

Contact Jon-Paul directly on 021 02269127 or and

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