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Be My Guest – Wedding Invitations
10 Tay Street, Mosgiel

I believe in simple, beautiful design. Your wedding invitations will communicate exactly what your wedding day will be about to your guests – whether it’s fun and relaxed, romantic and rustic, or elegant and modern.
How do I order my wedding invitations?
Before I even fire up my design software, we’re going to sit down over coffee (via a Skype call or at my home office) – and I’m going to ask you a lot of questions! This gives me an understanding of what colours, textures and styles will connect you with your wedding dreams and turn them into reality.

I really want to get to know you, your partner and your wedding day inside and out. That way, I can design a wedding invitation that beautifully reflects the wedding you want, and the couple you are.
Ordering your wedding invitations online
If you’ve fallen in love with one of my pre-made designs, you can order quickly online. The order process is automated, but the service isn’t. Once I get your order, I’ll design your wedding invites with just as much care and attention as anyone else. You’ll receive an electronic draft of your invite for review before it goes to print, so you know it’ll be perfect.