DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Venue

Your venue is booked, and it’s now time to start thinking about wedding decoration ideas. Many brides choose to either make their wedding decorations or purchase ready made ones and decorate the venue themselves. This is a fabulous way to keep your costs down, allowing you to spend your budget on the items from your wish, not want list.

6 Gorgeous Wedding Decoration Ideas You Can Make for Your Venue

While it would be amazing to decorate our wedding venues without worrying about a budget, for most brides, it’s not the reality. Sticking with a budget allows you to prioritise the items or areas you are prepared to spend more money on, versus those you aren’t. If wedding decorations are not high on your priority list, here are six DIY options to consider instead:

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  1. Photo display – using small wooden pegs and natural twine (or in a colour from your theme), create a long length of photos of the bride and groom in their journey up to their wedding day.
  2. Glass bottle or jar centerpieces – if you are having a sit-down meal, create your table centerpieces using fresh flowers or fauna displayed in glass bottles or jars. In the months leading up to your wedding, you can hunt for secondhand glass items in op shops and garage sales.
  3. Driftwood decorations – for a nautical theme, collect driftwood which you then add ribbon, flowers and tea lights on or next to it.
  4. Bunting – bunting is not hard to make and it can be made in the fabric and colours of your choice. It’s portable, easy to hang and doesn’t take up a lot of storage room. Bunting can be hung between beams, around trees, across the edge of a table and on walls easily.
  5. Place cards – while you could use simple cardboard place cards, why not get creative and use supplies you have around at home. Slices of wood with a name applied or a small potted plant with a name tag look lovely and also work as a wedding favour.
  6. Wedding hashtag – this idea works well as both a way for friends and family to find photos of your wedding on social media, but also as a great backdrop for photos. Either cut out the letters and hash with cardboard or purchase wooden letters and decorate them. A phrase like #southernbridewedding, #danmarriesjune or #smithwedding would work well as a hashtag.

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