Dos and Don’ts of Sending Wedding Thank You Cards

A newly married couple traditionally has twelve months to send wedding thank you cards to a wedding guest. There is a feeling out there though, that the bride and groom should send it within three months of the wedding. If you were to put yourself in their shoes, would you be happy to wait 12 months to find out if someone liked a present you gave them?

Who Should You Send Wedding Thank You Cards to?

Thank you cards should not just be sent to guests who gave you a gift. They should also be sent to:

  • wedding guests who came, but did not give you a gift
  • wedding guests who gave you a gift, but did not come to your wedding
  • people who you feel have really helped you with your wedding
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Dos & Don’ts of Sending Thank You Cards

Now that you know when and who you should send a wedding thank you note to, what exactly do you send them? Is an email sufficient? Can you use a card with a pre-printed message? To avoid ruffling any feathers, there are some do’s and don’ts you should be aware of.

Do …

  • keep a list of who gave you which gift. This helps you refer to it in their thank you card.
  • mention how you are or will use the gift the guest gave you in their card
  • handwrite your thank you message
  • use a physical card
  • send it within three months
  • include a photo of the couple

Don’t …

  • send an email or a text
  • state the amount of cash they gave you in the card
  • be too formal – they came to your wedding, so first names are fine!
  • mention how you are going to exchange or return the gift for something else
  • use a pre-printed generic message
  • panic if you’ve waited ages to send them – better to send something late than nothing at all!

Tips on Being Organised with your Wedding Thanks You Cards

There is no reason why you must wait until after your wedding to send out thank you cards. If the gifts are arriving before your wedding, it’s perfectly okay to send a card out before the big day even happens. As they won’t have a wedding photo thank you card sent afterwards, it’s a nice touch to email them one when you get copies back from your photographer. It is also handy to draft your cards before you write them. Wedding thank you cards are special and you don’t want to ruin any with a spelling mistake or an incorrect name.

Be My Guest has some amazing thank you cards for sending to guests after your wedding. Not only are they well priced, but they also make a beautiful keepsake of your wedding too.

If you are stuck for ideas about what to write in your cards, check out our blog post about 5 Tips for Writing Thank You Notes for inspiration!

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