Exploring Your Wedding Photo Printing Options

Feel like you’re entering into muddy waters when it comes to choosing which wedding photo printing and display options?  Should you go with canvas prints for your wall, or a wedding album for your coffee table?

We asked wedding photographer Kate from Still Waters Photography in Central Otago for her thoughts on wedding photo printing ideas.

5 Ideas on Wedding Photo Printing

Your wedding photos are a priceless piece of memorabilia from your special day, and it makes sense that you want to find the perfect way to print and enjoy them. Central Otago wedding photographer Kate from Still Waters Photography has kindly shared some ideas you might like to consider.

Deluxe Wedding Photo Album with Personalized Cover
Deluxe Wedding Photo Album with Personalized Cover
  1. Boxed set of matted prints – if you’re wanting to organise your own photo frames, then purchasing a boxed set of matted prints is your answer. Great for if you have ideas for a large feature wall of wedding photos, or if you want to give a meaningful gift to close family.
  2. Photography album – here’s something you can pull out and show the grandkids – kidding! A wedding photo album is a beautiful way to tell the story of your wedding day, and being portable you can easily share it with others.
  3. Thank you cards – here’s an idea which lets you share one or more of your favourite wedding photos with your guests. Your photographer can help you organise the printing of a photo on the front of custom-designed thank you cards. It gives you a chance to show your appreciation to them while giving them a special piece of your day.
  4. Canvas prints – an old favourite, canvas prints are relatively low cost and can be created in a variety of sizes. They are ideal for when you want to create a wall of photos in your home or as small mementos for friends and family. Just note that the quality can vary considerably, so best to ask your photographer for their printing recommendations.
  5. Fine art prints – one of the gold standards in wedding photo printing, fine art prints are ideal as framed showcase pieces. These are the quality you’d expect to see in professional photography shows and feature in some of Kate’s wedding photography packages.

When deciding about how best to print and display your wedding photos, remember that your photographer has a wealth of knowledge. They’ll also have connections within the community as to the best wedding photo printing companies! We recommend chatting with Kate if you are getting married in the Central Otago area to learn more about her wedding photography packages and printing options; she’ll take great care of you!

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