Facing Bereavement Before Your Wedding

A bereavement before your wedding brings multiple emotions. Grief for the one lost, guilt for the joy you have for your upcoming nuptials and awkwardness in wanting to continue and plan for your special day are all common. Today we’ll help guide you with suggestions of ways to manage this challenging time.

Ways of Coping with Bereavement Before Your Wedding

A sad and heart-breaking situation, a death at anytime is always challenging. When a loved parent, sibling, grandparent or friend passes away close to your wedding day, you may wonder if you should postpone or go ahead with your plans. This is a personal decision to be made between you and your fiancé. You may feel that you need to consult with the family too, which is also fine.

If you do decide that your wedding will continue as planned, there are things you can do to manage your grief and wellbeing, as well as honour the one who has passed at your wedding.

  • Ofrenda – set up on a small table or altar, a photo and possibly items belonging to the deceased are laid. A candle may be lit, and prayers said. This could be at the ceremony or even reception.
  • Photo display – a large photo of the deceased at a ceremony is common. It could be placed on a stand or used to reserve a seat for them.
  • A bridal bouquet token – often the bride will include a small piece of jewellery or even a prayer booked of a loved one in her bouquet. This is a lovely way of keeping the deceased with you during your day.
  • Talk with others – grief isn’t something we should carry alone. Reach out to others, share how you are feeling and spend time with those who knew the deceased. Having emotional support is important at difficult times.
  • Mention them in speeches – you may wish to write or share a poem in their memory, talk about how they have helped you or recount funny things they did.

When it comes to managing a bereavement before your wedding, there are no right or wrong things to do. Grief isn’t something that follows any rules, nor expects certain things to happen. It is a personal experience, just like your wedding. Whatever decisions you and your fiancée make, we know they will be right for you both. Much love xxx

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  1. That’s a lot of great advice. We live in a tough world with pandemics and travel restrictions.

    Not having that special someone to share your special day, regardless of the reason must be tough.

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