Fancy an NZ Destination Wedding?

Brides, it is time to consider having an NZ destination wedding. Why? Because everything you need is right here in our backyard! We chat with Adele from RiverRidge Retreat as to the advantages of choosing an NZ destination wedding.

What is an NZ Destination Wedding?

Gone are the days when you need to hop on a plane to reach your destination wedding venue. Instead, budget-conscious brides who still want an exclusive and stress-free experience are choosing to stick closer to home. That’s where an NZ destination wedding comes into play.

RiverRidge Retreat is one of the mainland’s top wedding venues. Able to provide a ceremony and reception venue, they can also assist with accommodation, entertainment, and catering. They are a true destination themselves!

Benefits of Choosing an NZ Destination Wedding

We asked Adele to share some of the advantages a bride and her fiancé have when choosing a local NZ destination wedding with us:

  • Simple to plan and execute as everything you need is all in one place
  • You receive support from the local onsite staff in the lead-up and during your wedding celebrations. This is a huge plus, as you can ensure everything is just how you want it.
  • Couples can have a real celebration that can last for a few days before and after the wedding. There’s no “in and out” scenario, where you miss out on catching up with guests. Instead, you’ll have the time to meet with guests in the days before and after your wedding day.
  • It provides opportunities for both sides of the family time and friends get to bond and get to know each other.
  • You’ll have exclusivity of the venue and grounds for your wedding, ideal for couples who value their privacy.
  • There’s plenty to do and keep everyone entertained. This means that you can relax and enjoy the time away with your bridal party for photos, not thinking your guests are just watching the clock for your return.
  • Stress-free and relaxed experience for all, as everything is in one place, with no need to travel. Everyone can come to you, including hair and makeup artists.

Then we come specifically to some other benefits available to weddings held at RiverRidge Retreat. Couples can save on costs as guests are able to pay for their own accommodation and meals outside of the wedding reception themselves. Adele and her team can even organise visits to local attractions for pre-wedding activities, such as clay target shooting, kayaking, river walks, lawn games, a bouncy castle for those littlies, and of course nibbles and drinks.

To learn more about choosing River Ridge Retreat for your NZ destination wedding, come see for yourself exactly what they can offer.

Otherwise, check out our post here for other top destination wedding locations throughout NZ.

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  1. For the couple who are planning for a destination wedding, for them, NZ is a great place. I am sure they will remember for there life long.

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