7 ways to take the stress out of finding money “before” your wedding.

Paying for your wedding is hard going if you don’t have parents that are flush with cash or you’re trying to save for a house at the same time as plan your big day. Wedding budgets are simply hard work, and judging by the interest in the recent posts on the subject, there are a lot of brides and grooms struggling with it.  I asked my incredibly clever friend Yvonne Morrison from The Business Boutique along to give us some advice and ideas on finding money for the big day.

finding money for your wedding

7 places to find funds for your wedding day

Oh my gosh…you are getting married!! Congratulations, that’s so super exciting. This will be one of the biggest celebrations you will ever have in your life and (…now with my reality hat on…) this will also be one of the most expensive celebrations you’ll ever have.

But before you start stressing out about how you are going to pay for it all – there is good news! I’ve listed some creative ways to save and find money before your celebration. Bear in mind that whatever way you chose, it is important that you discuss each decision and step with your future spouse.

Time is your wedding budget friend

So let’s talk time. Ask any event planner, whether it’s for a concert, festival, school fair or wedding, and they will say time is one of the greatest assets you can have when planning an event.

Should time be on your side one of the easiest ways to save, is for you and your future spouse to set up automatic payments which are deducted from your income/wages and have them deposited into a special bank account set up for the wedding.

This could also be done if you don’t have much time up your sleeve. However one of the following ways might work a little better.

how much should you spend on each aspect of your wedding

Reduce your own “little” spending right now

Your current work habit may be to get off the bus and on your way to the office popping in for a latte and grabbing a sandwich to have for lunch later. Say you have a latte and a sandwich each day, 5 days a week. Latte (let’s make it a good one) $5.50 each and sandwich $6.50 each. That’s $12 a day or $60 a week.

To have the wedding celebration that you truly want, $60 a week could be saved by drinking the coffee provided in the staff room and bringing a sandwich from home. (Remember this could be double if your future spouse reduces too!)

Sacrifice “big” now for a bigger wedding party later

This one might be a little out of your comfort zone but it’s about making a sacrifice now so you can reap the rewards later. If you own your own home consider renting out the spare room for 6 months to a year. There are pros and cons to this so remember to discuss these with your future spouse.

If you are still renting, how would you feel about moving back with your parents for 6 months to a year? Naturally your parents need to be involved in this discussion but it could be worth it in the long run.

Hold a garage sale to make some money for the wedding

Now whether you are moving back to your parents, making room to create a space to rent or not, we all have “stuff” around the house that we hold on to for ‘when it comes in handy’ or a rainy day. How badly do you really need it? Holding a garage sale, or selling excess stuff on Trade Me is not only a great way to make money for your wedding but it’s a great way to tidy up and make room for any gifts you may be fortunate enough to receive!

Borrow from your parents

If moving in with your parents doesn’t appeal, then perhaps you and your future spouse could discuss borrowing the money needed for the wedding from your parents instead. Borrowing money from anyone, especially family, can be tricky, so I strongly suggest that you write up an agreement that suitable to all parties, including how it’s going to be repaid, when by and if it’s interest free or not.

Get a part time job to pay for the wedding

You could also consider getting a second job working weekends or part time. Now this isn’t a career move, this is about saving for your wedding, don’t be too proud on what job you might consider applying for. (Note from Amanda: This is what I did – I worked part time as a retail assistant & loader driver – yes really – at a garden center to help fund my wedding).  It may also mean that you and your future spouse might not see each other as often as you like but you’ll have the celebration you both want.

Should you have children to consider perhaps ask friends and family to help look after them when you are working. Offer to return the favour after the wedding and honeymoon are over.

Loan from a bank

One of the hardest things about organising a wedding is that everyone seems to need deposits in order to secure bookings or hireage. You may wish to consider getting a small loan to cover only the deposits from the bank with a low interest rate. However be 100% committed to repaying that as soon as you can so that it doesn’t hang around for a long time.

And there you have it, some creative ideas to save or find money before the wedding day. There are also a great many ways you could save on the actual wedding celebration and honeymoon but this is article is about giving you some ideas before the event. I know you’ll find something useful here and have a fabulously gorgeous celebration.

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Special Thanks

Thanks to Yvonne Morrison (The Business Boutique) for writing this blog post & sharing these ideas. Don’t forget, part of the challenge of having a wedding budget is tracking how much you’ve spent. The Wedding Planning Budget Spreadsheet Template is worth investing in – to save overspending and to help guide sensible decision making.

Are you going to use any (or all!) of these ways to fund your wedding? Let us know how you’re paying for your big day below

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  1. I especially like the idea that time is your budgeting friend and an asset too. Remembering that automated wedding savings can gather interest the further you plan ahead is clever planning.

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