My wedding hack for finding awesome wedding vendors

finding awesome wedding vendors for your wedding day dream team

The absolute foundation of an amazing wedding day is having a team of awesome wedding vendors on your side. Picking the right wedding venue, the perfect dress and a delicious cake – and more – all hinge on having help from dedicated, professional wedding vendors. Some won’t necessarily see you on your wedding day, but their efforts and professionalism should ensure you have a wedding that’s relaxed and problem free. But how do you go about finding these amazing wedding professionals?

You can search Southern Bride Verified listings, Google, magazines, wedding shows or ask friends and family… but figuring out a wedding vendor exists is just the first step.

Today I want to share with you my lifehack for determining what you want out of your wedding day dream team, and how to figure out who will best meet your needs and personality. This tip helps you think with your head, not your heart – so perhaps you’ll be less inclined to blow the budget on some fancy-smancy person with flash branding (but a personality that’s going to grate on you).

Ready to go? Grab a pen – this is an exercise (I’ll give you an example later on, but don’t cheat! Try it for yourself first

An exercise to figure out what you need in a wedding vendor

  • Imagine you have a child (or think of your kid, if you already have one!)
  • List 4-5 qualities that you want your child to have when they grow up. Personality traits, not physical characteristics.


How did you get on? Wondering what this has to do with weddings?

Look at the list of qualities you’ve just compiled and consider it as a list of qualities you want to find in a wedding vendor.

I’ll share my examples so you can see what I mean (especially if you’re stuck). The list I wrote included:

  • reliable
  • hardworking
  • sense of humor
  • open minded/flexible
  • an innovator

So if I was in the market for a wedding vendor, I’d be looking for someone who was reliable, worked hard but had a sense of humor, and I would want someone who was flexible and innovative.  This means a serious, traditional celebrant may not fit my personality. Or  an airy-fairy makeup artist will clash with my desire for a reliable and hardworking person. It’s not that they are not good at what they do. It’s that we might not gel, and it’s better to know that before you hire someone for your wedding day!

So how do you know that a wedding vendor will tick all those boxes?

You can certainly get a good idea whether someone will suit you off their website, but something I’ve learnt in this industry is that people can say whatever they want on their website. At the end of the day, actions, not words, define who a person is.

Example: I know a lovely but rather flaky person who prides themselves on being a detail-orientated person, and that organisation is their strength. If you concentrated on evaluating communications with this person, you can quickly tell that this person is disorganised – despite best intentions otherwise, it just doesn’t come naturally to them.  If a vendor being detailed-orientated and organised was important to you, and you get carried away in the branding, hype and talk and booked them, you’d end up disappointed.

Another example: If you’re looking for someone reliable: Do they reply to your messages promptly (within 24-48 hours). Do they turn up on time to appointments? Are your details in order when you have a meeting?

Their behaviour and communication will help you figure out with your head and heart, whether their personality is the right match for you and your partner. 

What I’m trying to say is, you need to shortlist a few wedding professionals, based on their website and/or other recommendations,  then meet with them (in person or via Skype) and ask them questions.

What you should you ask your potential wedding vendors?

The sorts of questions you should be asking will vary from vendor to vendor. What you might ask a wedding venue will be very different to what you might ask your wedding stationer, for example.

A detailed list of questions for each of the fundamental wedding vendors is available in The Little White Wedding Planning Pack. The worksheets contain all the important questions you need to ask your wedding venues, photographer, caterer and caker, the celebrant, entertainment, florist and stationer. Once you’ve met with all the wedding vendors, you can refer back to the answers you’ve jotted down on the worksheets, and make a decision based on the answers they’ve given and how they’ll fit with your personality.

Picking the right team of wedding vendors establishes a solid foundation for an amazing wedding day. With a professional group of people on your side, you can be assured of the sort of day you want – without having to worry about flaky vendors, subpar service or no shows.

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