Have you got ‘The Big Three’ sorted for your wedding?

To have a wedding, you need a wedding date. To set your wedding date, you need to juggle the big three:
  • compiling a wedding guest list,
  • coming up with a wedding budget *yuck*
  • and finding somewhere to hold your wedding!

Each of the ‘big three’ affect each other, so you can’t really work on these one at a time: you need a wedding venue big enough to hold all your guests, and the number of guests and wedding venue affect the budget, and how much money you have to spend dictates how many guests you can have and where it can be held…

Do you get the picture?!

Watch the video below for an explanation on how they affect each other:

Support for tackling your ‘big three’ are covered off in the Wedding Planning Kickstart Program. Inside you get walked through the different aspects and decisions to make plus checklists, worksheets and questions to ask. Find out more information here.

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