How a Wedding Planner Can Make Your Planning Process a Breeze

While you can plan your wedding, you’re not a wedding planner in the truest sense. Instead, that’s a title best left to the professionals, such as the team at Encore Events. We talked with wedding planner Leah about the benefits brides receive from her services.

Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

With any wedding, the aim is to only get married once. Sure, you can organise everything involved with your wedding yourself. Or you could hire a wedding planner who can take care of all the details for you.  Leah from Encore Events is a wedding planner, and in her years of experience, has helped many couples tie the knot. We asked her what benefits she can offer couples:

  • Industry knowledge and contacts – from finding the perfect venue, where to find just the right shade of table cover or which celebrant is available on short notice, a wedding planner is just the person you want to talk to.
  • Idea bouncer – do you have an idea, but are not sure how to follow it through? Or need to find out whether it is ok to include specific wording in your vows, a planner can help.
  • Decision-maker – you’ll need to make hundreds of decisions in the lead up to your wedding, but how will you know which answers are the best? A planner can help give you the pros and cons to make decision making easier.
  • Value for money – a wedding planner can take the hassle out of obtaining the best deal for your wedding purchases. They can read and vet contracts, negotiate better terms with vendors and help you save plenty of money.
  • Buffer – sometimes well-meaning (but annoying) family and friends can get in the way. A wedding planner can be that go-between person, acting as a buffer when things get tough. They can also be your voice, explaining to people that you want things a certain way and even saying no to offers of ‘help.’
  • Making changes – life throws challenges when we least expect it. If you need to change your venue due to a flood, arrange an extra bridesmaid dress or change the date of your wedding to one next year, a planner can manage all of these situations for you.

If you’re wanting to make organising your wedding a breeze, we recommend you contact Leah at Encore Events  and make a time to chat!

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