How To Change Name After Marriage

A common question that crops up with newly-married brides relates to how to change their name after marriage and what things to be aware of after doing so.

The main thing that takes a bit of time and paperwork is getting your name changed with all the different organizations you’re associated with. Here we provide the key things you need to know to change your name without any unwanted issues.

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How to change last name once you’re married?

Simply put – it’s done for you when you sign on the dotted line (the marriage license that is). You are free to use both your maiden name and your married name. 

Just remember which name you’re using for what government departments and different things as it can be confusing for them and you.

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Tips when changing last name

Driver’s license and passport

Your driver’s license and passport are two of the big ticket legal documents with your maiden name on them (if you have them).

You can either wait till they expire, and update them with your married name at that point. Or, you can pay for them to be reissued with your new name, if you just can’t wait.


Be really careful with the names you book any flights under. If you book your honeymoon under your married name but your passport still uses your maiden name, you will have trouble travelling.

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For your household bills and correspondence, We recommend giving the companies a ring or sending them an email as the need arises.

House title

The names listed on house Title, which (very simply put) is the paperwork which states who owns a house. To get your name changed on the title of the house, you need to go through your lawyer.


While signing your marriage certificate on the day, you wedding celebrant should help you with the process of it being finalized in the systems.

You will be able to use both names but as discussed there are certain times you will want to use one over the other until all your legal documents are changed.

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