How to Plan Your Historical Themed Wedding

Binged Bridgeton and got some inspiration for your wedding day? A historical themed wedding does require a lot of planning and research, but it is all well worth it! From your dress through to the flowers, the venue and even the vows, there are many exciting decisions to be made. We’ve got some suggestions on what couples need to consider for planning a wedding with a historical theme.

Planning Your Historical Themed Wedding

Upon deciding on a historical themed wedding, your next decision is to consider how authentic you want your wedding to be. This will determine how in-depth your research needs to be, as well as the sourcing of items for your wedding. It’s best to choose a specific time period or era, as this can help you narrow down your options.  We’re tried to list as many of the key aspects of planning such a themed wedding as we can for you here:

  • Research – before you head into the planning of your wedding, you need to do your research. Learn more about weddings in the period you have chosen, such as the Victorian, Medieval or Renaissance periods, or what could be termed the Jane Eyre period of mid-century Britain. Watch (or read) Bridgerton, or Jane Austen movies like Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensability, Mansfield Park – giving you further insight and inspiration to draw from.
  • Save the Dates and Invitations – as soon as possible, get in touch with your wedding stationery provider. Most likely you’ll find they have a range of designs that they could tweak for your theme, but they also may need to create from scratch. Once again, the earlier you get in touch, the better.


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  • Venue – if you can, choose a historical wedding venue for your ceremony and reception, for example Larnach Castle in Dunedin. Here you’ll find period features and atmosphere which make amazing photo backdrops, and can significantly cut down your decorating costs. Our article Why You Should Choose a Historic Wedding Venue also offers some great advice. 
  • Colours and designs – what were the colours and designs which featured in your chosen era? These will help direct you towards a colour theme and the choosing of your accessories and decorations.


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  • Wedding dress – unless you are wanting a modern dress, you’re most likely going to need to plan well ahead for a custom design. Many wedding dress designers have their own ranges, but some specialise in custom designs and may have an interest in historical wedding fashion. Start looking for a designer as soon as you can, or at least over 12 months before your wedding.


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  • Wedding favours – what small items were popular from your chosen time period? This could be old fashioned seeds, sweets or even home baking.
  • Catering – will you serve your guests a menu typical from your chosen era? This will require research for both you and your chosen caterer and can be rather costly. Or will you choose to use tableware from that period instead?
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