2021-22 Wedding Season Colour Trends

If your big day is booked for this year, discovering what the 2021 wedding colours and palettes are will be of high importance. We’ve done our research and identified the most popular colours for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and wedding colour themes for 2021.

What Are the 2021 Wedding Colours?

When it comes to weddings, there are plenty of decisions to be made. One of the most important of these is the colour theme. This sets the tone for the entire event, from wedding invitations, table decorations, flowers and of course the dresses. We’ve broken things down into different categories:

Pantone Wedding Colours 2021

Fear not, there’s no Covid-19 yellow here. Instead rust, cerulean and amethyst orchid are highlighted, but not necessarily all together. If any of these take your fancy, you may want to base your theming around it alone.

Cooler Months Wedding Colours 2021

Heading into autumn and winter sees brides reaching for deeper and more powerful colours. Light brown, latte, burnt orange, teal, emerald, burgundy and sapphire will be popular. These look fabulous when paired with lighter colours such a white, gold and champagne.

Warmer Months Wedding Colours 2021-22

Spring and summertime suit the pastels and light colours, with 2021 bringing out sage green, slate blue, pink, dusty rose, lilac and blush. Any of these colours would look magnificent as bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding Dress Colours 2021

Yes, shades of white and cream will remain popular wedding dress colours amongst brides this year. There will be a slight move towards bringing colour into play. You can expect brides to wait to cheer themselves and others up by wearing shades of mint, sage, blue, blush, grey and red. Dress styles are poised to become more relaxed and understated to match this introduction of colour too.

Bridesmaid Dress Colours 2021

As well as colours related to specific seasons, wedding experts are predicting black bridesmaid dresses will prove popular this year. Great for very formal weddings, combining with cream, green or metallic tones would look fabulous. Get prepared to hold onto your hat, because these same experts are also saying we’ll see white bridesmaid dresses too! We’re not too sure about that one.

We’d love to know more about what your thoughts are around the 2021 wedding colours! Will you be choosing a coloured wedding dress? Will your bridesmaids wear white? Let us know in the comments below.2021 wedding colours

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