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Is an All-Inclusive Wedding Right for You?

Are you considering an all inclusive wedding package, or one where you organise everything individually? Perhaps you haven’t even thought about it yet? We chatted with the team from Dunedin Venues for their thoughts on la carte vs all-inclusive wedding packages.

A La Carte Vs All Inclusive Wedding Packages

Like most brides, you’ll be keeping an eye on your wedding budget in the planning stage. You’re making a list of everything you’ll need and putting an estimated cost next to each item on the list. You’ve probably seen an estimated cost or quote for the all inclusive wedding of your dreams and stressed out. While it would be wonderful to have every little thing taken care of, the potential cost has stressed you out.

But should it?

“Although an all-inclusive package may seem more expensive upfront, it can work out to be more cost effective. For example, not having to hire furniture, linen, cutlery or a PA system can reduce the cost of your day and take away a lot of stress. At the Dunedin Centre, for example, we offer a fabulous package that incorporates all the key elements to create your perfect wedding – but there is still plenty of ways to personalise your day.” – Dunedin Venues

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An all-inclusive wedding is for you if:

  • Everything is taken care of for you
  • You’ll save plenty of time trying to organise everything
  • You want to add a personalised touch to your wedding
  • The thought of DIYing your wedding makes you break out in a cold sweat
  • You love saving money, as you could get a better price
  • You’d rather leave the majority of decisions to someone else
  • You want to get married quickly
  • Want someone else to do all the hard work!
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On the other hand, an a la carte wedding is for you if:

  • You want to handle every single detail yourself
  • You are prepared to spend hours hunting out wedding supplies
  • There’s a big team behind you who will set up and pack down your reception
  • You want control over even the smallest decisions
  • There are specific items you are sourcing for your wedding
  • You have specific suppliers you want to work with

Before you make any decisions as to which wedding package type is best for you, we recommend you chat with the experts at Dunedin Venues. They offer all-inclusive wedding packages at their variety of wedding venues, which will knock your socks off and will make planning your wedding as easy as possible.

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