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Bridal Party Gift Etiquette

The bridal party have been so helpful in the lead up to your wedding that you would love to give each member a bridal party gift.

But with the traditions and different opinions around of what would be appropriate and when to give it, it pays to first know if there is a bridal party gift etiquette to follow when giving gifts.

Here we explain everything you need to know about bridal party gift giving etiquette.

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It is traditional to give a gift to members of the bridal party and at the same time it is also a lovely way to show your appreciation for all the support they have given you up to and including on your wedding day.

Even if you decided to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, makeup and hair, it is still common etiquette to get them a gift. They may have contributed in other ways such as for a bridal shower and bachelorette party.

If you feel you already spent part of the wedding budget on expenses that the bridal party may sometimes usually cover then, maybe opting for a small inexpensive gift is an option to choose.

However, we digress. What we’re talking about today is unpicking the etiquette around wedding party gifts. Let’s take a look at what that includes:

Types of gifts

A personalized gift, one with their name or initials on is always nice.

Gift cards for a day at the spa or even a handmade present are all lovely things to give to your bridal party.

Choosing the perfect present is hard. It relies on a combination of your budget, likes and dislikes and even their ability to transport it back home. Do not feel like you need to spend a lot on a present or feel obligated to get everyone the same gift.

If you’re still stuck on ideas, take a look at these 15 Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas for inspiration.

Bridesmaids with the bride.

Who to give gifts to

Your wedding party consists of bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls and pageboys if you have any. Each member should receive a gift, although they will likely differ.

When to give

Tradition states that bridal party gifts should be given during the rehearsal dinner. But with many couples choosing to forgo this, and for others with out of town bridal party members arriving on the wedding day, this isn’t an option.

The morning of the wedding can be hectic but is a time you can guarantee seeing each member. Another time would be during the speeches when you can thank each member personally.

Or if you prefer a quieter moment, perhaps during a day after the wedding brunch is a better option for you.

Who organizes

While your bridesmaids have done a fabulous job of organizing parts of your wedding, don’t ask them to buy their own gifts.

Usually, the bride purchases both the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, organizing their wrapping and delivery.

It’s perfectly fine to give the groom the gifts to give to his groomsmen though. Even though you are busy, find a moment to order your bridal party gifts online around four weeks before your wedding day.

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Final thoughts

Giving the members of your wedding party a present is a lovely way of saying thank you, and a beautiful memento of your special day. Perhaps you should consider giving yourself a present too!

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