Is your period due on your wedding date?

For the vast majority of brides, their period is something they’ve dealt with many times before, usually just as a mild inconvenience. Your period is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, but there’s certain periods of your life when the monthlies could be better timed.

Like… your wedding day. Is there anything worse than worrying about THAT when wearing a white dress? Not to mention *ahem* anything else you may want to get into…

What to do if your period is due around your wedding?

First off – is it actually due around the big day? Get yourself a period tracker – go paperbased or there are some great free apps out there –  and if possible, backdate with any prior periods (at least one or two will help). If you’re on a birth control pill, your period should (well, may) come reasonably regularly, but for others, their cycle is a bit more sporadic, so the more data you can input, the better the prediction will be.

Having an app helping with the guesswork means you can look ahead to your wedding date and get prepared, whatever the outcome.

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Can you skip your period for the wedding day?

So are you wondering if it is possible to skip your period for your wedding day. In all honesty, this is probably a question for your GP (I don’t want to be blamed for causing the birth of any unplanned children!) Please take this as ‘ideas to explore’ versus a ‘must do’

Manipulate your contraceptive pills

If you realise you’re going to be on your monthly with enough time to spare, you can probably fiddle around with your contraceptive pill so that you’re all good for your wedding day. So for example, if it’s 12 weeks to your wedding and your period will be due bang-on your wedding date, stop taking the pill for a couple of weeks, then start it again when it won’t fall on your wedding (for gods sake, use alternative contraceptives during this time). You may have to do a bit of maths and work backwards from your wedding, but I think this is most reliable way of doing it.

I’ve had a couple of friends whose GPs have helped them figure out the timing to use this method, so if you’re not sure, your friendly local doctor may be able to help (and if not they can talk you through the options below).

Skip your period by skipping your sugar pills

If it’s too close to the wedding to do the above suggestion, or you don’t fancy trying to do the maths (don’t blame you) then skip the sugar pills over the wedding week to skip your period. This is where you just go straight to the first week of your new packet.

Big warning – I’ve tried this with varying results, so don’t rely on this. One month things went perfectly, no period… the next time I tried it… it was. not. good. So individual results may vary.

Using prescription medication to miss your period

There’s medication that your doctor may prescribe to help skip your period (Norethisterone/Primolut/Provera).  This option in particular is great for ladies who have heavy flow or severe PMS symptoms.

There are several drawbacks to this – you can’t drink alcohol and you have to be very strict with the timing of when you take it. This is something to discuss at length with your GP.

Managing your period on your wedding day

If the medication route isn’t for you, and you’ve resigned to the fact that you’ll have to manage Aunty Flo, then consider some alternatives that may work better than your usual sanitary products:

Menstrual Cups

These clever wee cups are a whole lot more ‘set and forget’ than the traditional tampons and pads. Our Southern Bride Verified ladies Harmony Skin and Beauty stock the Hello Cup range, with Sophie sharing “we’ve actually had so many brides get them for their wedding day – best part is they can be left in for longer which is awesome for brides on a busy day!”

There is certainly a learning curve to using one of these, so give yourself a few months of practice, and you’ll be good to go when the big day arrives.

Period Panties

If a menstrual cup isn’t for you, but you’re stressed about any untoward stains, then invest in some high quality period panties. Even if you don’t have the confidence or stomach to want to go tampon or pad-free, the absorbent and comfortable undies will catch any leakage.

Pain Relief and Backups

Hopefully your bridal party will pack you a wedding day emergency kit, but if not, delegate someone to run out and grab some pain relief in case of cramps, hormonal headaches or backaches. It wouldn’t be a silly idea to have extra sanitary products on hand either.

Do you have any other suggestions to add for managing a period on your wedding day?

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