How to plan a wedding nz

One of the things you quickly learn about planning a wedding is that it’s impossible to do it alone.

You have to rely on other people for wedding planning help – whether that’s a caterer sussing out meals for guests, a friend making a cake, or just good old fashioned “how the heck do I deal with this”!

The Southern Bride Community is like a ton of helpful big sisters

The Southern Bride Community is a supportive group for brides getting married in the Southern Hemisphere. (there’s the occasional male in there – they are welcome too!). We believe in the mantra “two heads are better than one” – so share your wedding woes and get solutions, support and a listening ear or two.

The advice you get from us is honest and practical, and also takes into account what’s the “done” thing: i.e. the applicable etiquette.  But some questions have more than one answer… lucky you’re a Southern Bride then, because we’ve got your back!

Thoughtful, practical wedding advice

Planning a wedding doesn’t need to be overwhelming! That’s why I dish out wedding planning advice and support on the blog.  Check out the most useful, popular posts here.

Do you want a happily ever after for your wedding planning?

The Southern Bride Community is the happy ending to this story – all you need to do is sign up below. Grab a wedding planning to-do list now! You’ll also be emailed an invite to join our exclusive Facebook community (all for free). Wedding planning help is at hand! We’ll see you in there.