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How to plan a wedding nz
Once upon a time, in a land not too far away – yes, this is a fairy tale… and although the picture is me (Amanda), I’m not the damsel in distress, or a fairy princess. Think of me as your fairy god-sister. One who dishes out wedding planning help and sarcastic quips.

Who is Southern Bride Profile PictureAnyway, back to the story:

You meet the love of your life, and one of you exclaims – “Let’s get married!” (insert confetti and champagne bottles popping here).

You share your exciting news with friends and family, and everyone asks – how did it happen? let’s see the ring! When’s the big day?

Once you’re engaged, the tough questions start

Are you getting married at church? Are you getting married on the family farm? You’re inviting kids aren’t you? How many bridesmaids are you having? Can I bring my friend? You’re not going to spend a fortune on the day are you? Are you really going to do a cheap wedding?

Suddenly eloping sounds kinda nice!

When you are planning a wedding, it’s not just the logistical details that cause the stress – it’s the parents who say they’ll help financially but won’t say how much, the Dad who says he’ll talk to his mate about using his flash car and keeps forgetting, the over-promisers-and-under-doers, the wedding vendors who don’t email back, the bridesmaids who fight amongst themselves and want you to sort it out… oh and those guests who drag their feet with their RSVP (there’s a special place in hell for those ones huh).

Your fairy god-sister comes to the rescue

I meet with lots of engaged couples in my capacity as a wedding invite designer, and the questions that come up were barely ever invite related. They were: “how do I deal with my inlaws having a tantrum” or “how do I uninvite a guest?”… I had opinions on these things – mainly from my experience planning events and just wanting to help relieve some of the stress! So in 2014 I began to write about these issues, and Southern Bride was born.

One of the things you quickly learn about planning a wedding is that it’s impossible to do it alone. You have to rely on other people for wedding planning help – whether that’s a caterer sussing out meals for guests, a friend making a cake, or just good old fashioned “how the heck do I deal with this”!

The Southern Bride Community is like a ton of helpful big sisters

The Southern Bride Community is a supportive group for brides getting married in the New Zealand (there’s the occasional male in there – they are welcome too!). We believe in the mantra “two heads are better than one” – so share your wedding woes and get solutions, support and a listening ear or two.

The advice you get from us is honest and practical, and also takes into account what’s the “done” thing: i.e. the applicable etiquette.  But some questions have more than one answer… lucky you’re a Southern Bride then, because we’ve got your back!

Thoughtful, practical wedding advice

Planning a wedding doesn’t need to be overwhelming! That’s why I dish out wedding planning advice and support on the blog.  Check out the most useful, popular posts here.

Do you want a happily ever after for your wedding planning?

The Southern Bride Community is the happy ending to this story – all you need to do is sign up below. Grab a wedding planning to-do list now! You’ll also be emailed an invite to join our exclusive Facebook community (all for free). Wedding planning help is at hand! We’ll see you in there.