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Planning a big event, like a wedding, comes with lots of paperwork. Whether it’s contracts, price lists, samples or just business cards… you can quickly get overwhelmed by the vast quantity of paper that comes your way. Today we are going to tackle wedding overwhelm by getting organised and learning how to make a wedding planning folder.

First step: Wedding planning folder

First you want something to hold everything.  This slim folder with inspirational message (very poignant for me!) was $8.99 (find it here) although you may have a spare one kicking round the house. I like the slimmer ones because you can fit them in your handbag. Those lever arch ones can be a bit overkill.

diy instructions for wedding folder nz

A hard cover folder is also a smart idea as it can double as a hard surface to jot notes while you’re out on the field, scouting wedding venues.

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(Psst… if you want a more permanent keepsake of your wedding planning progress, check out the Little White Book here.  It’s a beautiful wedding planning diary and keepsake journal all in one beautiful package. See below!)

little white book wedding planner and organiser diary

Step two: Organise by section

When you open your folder, you want to be able to find your different bits and pieces quickly.   I suggest going with these sections:

  1. To do’s & Timeline
  2. Budget & Financials
  3. Guest List & Seating
  4. The Ceremony
  5. The Reception
  6. Attire & Beauty
  7. Invites & Stationery
  8. Photography
  9. Decor & Flowers
  10. Other Bitsmake your own wedding planning binderTo keep these sections separated, I picked up these Pocket Divider Tabs from Warehouse Stationery for $7.99 (find them here).

wedding planning folder sections free downloadable printable

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to design something for you, so I also put together a set of printable section cover pages. Download the section cover pages below.

Get the Wedding Planning Section Dividers

Grab your own set of printable section dividers for your wedding planning folder

You can print them and then slide them into each divider if you use pocket dividers like me – or you can holepunch them and chuck them in the folder if you don’t want to be too fancy.

create a wedding binder

As well as keeping all the paperwork organised, the pocket dividers also give you some storage space for the little stuff that’s too small to holepunch, like business cards. (See below – that’s me demonstrating you can slide things in the clear folder)

how to get organised with your wedding planning

Step three: Fill your wedding planning folder!

Now that you’ve got the basic bones of your wedding planning folder assembled, it’s time to fill it. Why don’t you download the free printable to-do list? That goes perfectly into the first section. Download a Wedding Planning To Do list below.

Another printable you might like to download is the Little White Wedding Planning Pack. It is filled with checklists, templates and worksheets, including a massive list of all the questions you should be asking your wedding venue, photographer and more.

Print off as many as you need for each vendor you’re visiting – you can just file away the sheets you complete (so you have the answers to reference back to quickly).

Get a Wedding Planning To-Do List

Get organised and plan your wedding without stressing out or forgetting anything important - grab the free printable wedding planning to-do list instantly

wedding planning to dos nz

All the checklists, templates and worksheets you’ll need to start wedding planning

The little white wedding planning pack is the foundation steps that you will build your wedding on. By using the questions, checklists and templates, you will set the stage for an amazing wedding that’s no stress to organise.

The little white wedding planning pack is an electronic set of documents that you’ll be emailed instantly upon ordering. Inside you’ll find:

  • a checklist of the first steps you need to undertake
  • a guest list planner
  • a wedding budget
  • wedding planning worksheets to help you select your wedding venue, caterer, cake maker, photographer, music/entertainment, stationer, florist and celebrant
  • a helpful worksheet to brainstorm style/theme for your wedding day

There are also two bonus templates. These files are provided in Excel format (.xlsx) and are a handy alternative to couples who want to keep track of their guest list and wedding budget on the computer.

  • the wedding budget planner helps you work out how to portion out your wedding’s finances. This spreadsheet will allow you to make and stick to a wedding budget, whether it is big or small.  Helpful built-in formulas portion out your estimated budget so you can see where you could be over spending.
  • the wedding guest list planner is another helpful spreadsheet.  It keeps track of guest names, addresses, counts the number of wedding invitations required, tallies up the number of guests automatically for you and also highlights those guests who haven’t RSVPed.

Learn more about the Little White Wedding Planning Pack here.

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IMG_7874 If you have a wedding planning folder, I’d love to see it! Tag @southernbridenz and #southernbridelive on Instagram. Do you have any other bits or pieces you’d suggest popping in a wedding planning folder?
Wedding organiser folder and checklists
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  1. Hello Amanda,
    Thanks for your great resources. I been westgate’s warehousestationery yesterday, though they have not many folders.
    It will be fine to order Online .
    Keep to share some your creativity 🙂

  2. I wish I had this 5 years ago for my wedding prep. Life would have been so much easier lol my cousin is getting married in september so I’m definitely gonna print one out for her.

  3. This is a great resource! I’ve printed off the planner, and started using it. It’s much less complex than some that I’ve seen, and easy to see what still needs doing. Love it!

    1. Awesome stuff Louisa! I think some people really overcomplicate wedding planning, but if you just take it a step at a time and don’t panic, you’ll be golden x

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