Making the Choice of Who is Walking You Down the Aisle

Have you decided who is walking you down the aisle? If you are a traditionalist, you may instantly give that honour to your Dad. After all, having the father of the bride walk her down the aisle dates back to the time of arranged marriages.

The bride’s father actually did give her to her husband. This is because unwed women were considered the property of their father, who gave them to a man in return for a dowry. Nowadays though, the bride gets to choose who makes that all important walk down the aisle with her.

who is walking your down the aisle

Difficulties in Choosing Who is Walking You Down the Aisle

It is your choice as a bride to decide who walks you down the aisle, if anyone. With the changing dynamics of changing families, you’ve got step-parents, absent parents and same sex parents to consider.

Some people have pre-determined ideas about who you should invite. While you get final say, it is important to make your choice with dignity and explain why you made this choice. This will help go a long way at alleviating any upset feelings from friends and family.

Finally, it is important to talk with your fiancée about your choice to ensure they understand your reasoning.

who is walking your down the aisle

Deciding Who Walks You Down the Aisle at Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing your aisle partner, there are plenty of options to consider, including:

  • Walk with your Mum – if your Dad has passed away or you are not close, walking with your Mum down the aisle is a lovely idea.
  • Walk with both parents – linking arms with both parents to walk the aisle is a way of showing your acknowledgement of the contribution both have made to your life.
  • Walk alone – there is nothing wrong with choosing to walk the aisle by yourself. It’s a way of showing your independence and strength.
  • Walk with your fiancée – walking together down the aisle is a wonderful way to show you value each other equally.
  • Walk with a brother, uncle or grandad – if there was a special man in your life, asking him to walk you down the aisle makes a wonderful gesture.

Finally, who says you even need to walk down an aisle at all? You can skip this part of your wedding ceremony completely by not having one or already being present before your guests arrive. We’d love to know your thoughts about who you are going to choose or have chosen to walk with you, so please share them with us!

who is walking your down the aisle


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