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How Many Wedding Venues Should You Have?

Whether you choose to separate out ceremony and reception wedding venues, or have the entire day’s celebrations in the same spot, there are many factors to take into consideration. The number of wedding venues you have will depend on your budget as well as convenience and the style of wedding you want (for some help with choosing your wedding venue or venues, our Wedding Vendor Worksheets are the ideal resource for all engaged couples).

Advantages of a Single Location Wedding Venue

A single location suits couples who picture staying at one venue, such as a historic home and garden. Here you can have your ceremony among the roses before heading to the ballroom for the reception. Guests will have a more relaxing experience knowing that once they arrive they can settle in and won’t have to drive anywhere. It not only simplifies planning but will save money as well. You won’t have to pay for a wedding car to transport you to a second site and it gets rid of the cost of decorating two locations.

If you decide to have a single wedding venue, you could choose to get photos taken before the ceremony which means your guests won’t be left waiting for you and your makeup will be looking fresh.

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Having Two Wedding Venues

This suits couple who imagine themselves getting married at the beach, botanical gardens or a church that does not have a suitable area for a reception. When deciding on your second venue for the reception, the main consideration you will need to consider is distance. The general rule would be not to have a venue any more than 20 minutes away.  Having venues within walking distance is good as it allows guests to park once and means all of the guests arrive at the same time. For a longer drive you could consider hiring shuttle buses so nobody gets lost along the way.

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Waiting …

One of the bigger considerations when having two wedding venues is the amount of dead time between the ceremony and reception while the bridal party gets their photos taken. If you have a time-lag between the two, make sure you think of ways out of town guests can be entertained. Provide suggestions or even set up a tour of the town or region where the wedding is. This may help solve the problem of guests getting drunk while waiting for you to show up.

Deciding how many wedding venues you want comes down to personal choice and budget. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding on wedding venues and it all comes down to location and the style of wedding you want. Having one venue can cut back on price and organisation, but with good management, two venues can work just as well.


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